The European Mathematical Society
Committee for Developing Countries

Giulia di Nunno

In the EMS-CDC I am vice-chair of the committee and part of the ERCE sub-committee now discussing new possible applications and expression of interest on one side and the proactive role in the diffusion of this label, especially in the Sub-Saharan African region. I have started the preparation of the next EMS-CDC meeting to be held in Oslo in 2015.

I continue being involved in CIMPA both as Steering committee member, representing Norwegian Mathematical Society and in the active work of Regional Scientific Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa. In this I share the work with Sylvain Duquesne (Univ. Rennes).

I continue the work of the Equipe-Africain within CIMPA, that pools together all people involved directly into the organisation of CIMPA events in the continent and analyses, proposes, and monitors special activities with the scope of a broader and intensive development of the mathematics in this continent. The meetings in this team are usually held by telephone-conference. Particular effort is directed to the promotion of the EMA (Ecole Mathematique Africaine), which are mathematical schools at master level in selected topics. This activity of CIMPA is carried through in direct collaboration with the UMA (Union Mathematique Africaine).

I am part of the selection committee for the EMA together with some colleagues at CIMPA and from the UMA. Specifically proactive in the preparation of applications of research schools for 2015, 2016.

In 2013 I have attended the Buea Summer School in Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Sciences, Cameroon (April) where I held some lectures on BSDEs and risk measures. Also I have participated to the conference in Stochastic Analysis and Applications in Hammamet, Tunisia (October) and the conference SAMSA 2013 (November) held in Cape Town. In March 2014 I will visit the CIMPA school in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

I am at present supervising a student from Marocco and one from Rouanda.

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