Report from Anna Fino (April 2012)

        On March 2012 at the University of Lecce Anna Fino met Amirhesam Zaeim who is a Phd student from Payame Noor University, Teheran, Iran. He attended the PhD Course that she was teaching in Lecce. Anna Fino will try to keep in contact with Amirhesam Zaeim and his university.
        Anna Fino is also from the last year in contact with Amine Bahayou from Universite Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla, Algeria. He just finished his PhD and in his small university, together with other people, he created a small working group around the themes of geometry and algebra. This is on some elementary topics: Differential Geometry (Lie groups and Lie algebras, connections and bundles), algebraic topology (homotopy and covering with the categorical language) ... for introduction and upgrading of teachers. He also prepared a project of Licence and Masters in geometry and algebra, for submission to the Scientific Committee. Anna Fino will try to give them advice for the selection of topics and teaching materials.
        Anna Fino