Report by Ramadas Ramakrishnan Trivandrum (April 2012)

        Funding (from the Italian government) has been stable. I hope organizations which are looking to encourage mathematicians from developing countries will consider working in cooperation with ICTP.
        Fernando Rodriguez Villegas was recruited to lead number theory initiatives at ICTP and help consolidate ties to South America. Originally from Argentina, he has been for many years at the University of Texas at Austin. With a strong research record and deep commitment to outreach, he is sure to enrich the Section in many ways; he is expected to join us this Fall.
        Professor Maria José Pacifico from the Instituto de Matemática, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro was appointed Staff Associate and is expected to work with Stephano Luzzatto to strengthen our activities in dynamical systems.
        Many in the 2011 batch of Diploma students were placed in very good European graduate programmes – one (from Senegal) in the Ecole Polytechnique, two (Cameroon, Egypt) at the MPI, Leipzig, and two (Cuba, Mongolia) in the new ICTP/SISSA joint Ph.D. programme.
        The Ramanujan Prize for 2011 was awarded to Professor Philibert Nang (Gabon).
        In a novel initiative, we organized a short meeting in Rabat where a group of approximately 30 young women were introduced to themes from modern Mathematics. The highlight was undoubtedly the presence of Professor Michele Audin (Strasbourg) who – in addition to two talks with Mathematical themes - also gave the assembled students advice on Mathematics as a career choice for women. Three bourses were awarded.
        We had, as in every year, around 100 visitors from developing countries; of whom around 10 were long-term (6 months to two years). We have now the second of two post-docs from ASSMS, Lahore. Both have been women.
        Our Associates Programme continues to attract many applicants from around the developing world.
        FYI: Dr. Basang Tsering Xiao has been appointed an Associate this year.
Schools and Conferences in 2011
1. School and Conference on Modular Forms and Mock Modular Forms and their applications in Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics (28 February - 18 March)
    Organizers: K. Bringmann, L. Göttsche, D. Zagier
2. School and Conference on Mathematics and Physics of Soft and Biological Matter (2 - 13 May)
    Organizers: A. De Simone, J.-F. Joanny, T. Lubensky, S. Ramaswamy
    Local Organizer: Ramadas Ramakrishnan
3. School and Conference on Computational Methods in Dynamics (20 June - 8 July)
    Organizers: J. Guckenheimer, C. Simó, W. Tucker
    Local Organizer: S. Luzzatto
4. Latin American School and Conference on Algebraic Geometry and Applications (ELGA 2011), (1 - 12 August)
    (External School/Conference in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Argentina. Joint with CIMPA)
    Organizers: M.L. Barberis, F. Cukierman, A. Dickenstein, J. Fernández, R. Miatello
5. School on "Geometric Representation Theory" (1 - 12 August)
    (External School in Bandung, Indonesia. Joint with CIMPA)
In 2012 we have already co-sponsored with CIMPA a school in Lahore; a second one in Dakar is to follow.

        Ramadas Ramakrishnan Trivandrum