The European Mathematical Society
Committee for Developing Countries

Report by Marie-Francoise Roy (April 2013)

Email: marie-francoise.roy[at.nospam]univ-rennes1[dot]fr

  1. I am CIMPA scientific officer for subsaharian Africa jointly with Giulia Di Nunno. See here and more specifically here. CIMPA considers subsaharian Africa as a priority zone for its activities. A CIMPA Africa team meets by telephone about three times a year and discuss activities past and future. Main CIMPA activities in subsaharian Africa are
    • 3 to 4 research schools per year
    • African Mathematical Schools organized jointly with AMU
    • women in mathematics workshop, jointly with AMU (the first one in Ouagadougou in 2012, the second one in AIMS South Africa in 2013)
    • support to various training activities in mathematical research
  2. I am the CIMPA representative inside a club of french universities and research institutions acting for mathematics in subsaharian Africa, SARIMA
  3. I am together with Jean Laurent in charge of the Ibni Prize.
  4. I have been involved in the launching of the Simons Foundation Africa Mathematics project. Out of over 30 proposals, 3 are finally funded by the Simons Foundation. They will start in may 2013 for a first period of 5 years, that can be renewed. I have accepted to be the facilitator of two of these projects.

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