Tsou Sheung Tsun, Michel Waldschmidt (04.03.10).

    The label for EMS-Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence having been approved by EC, we have made a call for application/expression of interest which will appear in the March issue of the Newsletter: EMS Newsletter 79 (March 2011) p.11-12. It is also on the CDC website. We plan to widely advertize this in national mathematical societies.
    The Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences of Lahore, Pakistan, has applied and been approved, with the strong support of the President.
    We shall initiate discussions with the Hanoi Institute of Mathematics of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology about this label.
    We are planning to design a logo which the centres may display if they wish and shall seek approval from EC once the design is in place.
Electronic access workshops
    For the second year, we have received a grant of 2000 USD from IMU to enable our member Anders Wandahl to continue holding workshops on electronic access.
    Two such workshops took place last year, one in Addis Ababa and one in Bamako, the latter as part of a CIMPA School.
    We envisage to hold two more such workshops this year.
Collaboration with IMU
    The President of IMU, together with the Chair of Policy of their CDC, proposed a collaboration with us to initiate a series of virtual workshops along the lines of the actual workshops on electronic access. Anders Wandahl and TST are working out the practicalities and shall bring this for general discussion during our next Annual General Meeting next month.
Zentralblatt access
    Levis Eneya, a former student of member Andreas Griewank who helped us organize the roundtable in Amsterdam during the last ECM, returned to his native country Malawi after obtaining his doctorate. He remembered the Zentralblatt free access for developing countries and asked us for help. Bernd Wegner of Zentralblatt, an associate member, responded almost instantaneously and was able to register within days the library of Chancellor College, University of Malawi, at Zomba in Malawi for the free access.
Book donation scheme
    With financial help from ICTP and advise from member Ramadas Ramakrishnan Trivandrum, a substantial consign was sent out from University of Durham. Smaller consigns are being sent out from Oxford. A larger personal library, also from Oxford, is under negotiation.
Annual general meeting
    Our next general annual meeting shall be in Madrid on 2 April 2011, to be hosted by member Begona Vitoriano. The President has kindly agreed to attend. Other invited guests include Jose Antonio de la Pena (Chair of Commission for Developing Countries (IMU-CDC)), Antonio Campillo (President of Comité Español de Matemáticas (CEMAT), Spain).