2>REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES OF EMS Tsou Sheung Tsun, Michel Waldschmidt (26.06.11).

    After our call for application which appeared in the March 2011 issue of the EMS Newsletter, the first Emerging Regional Centre of Excellence has now been established. We are very happy that the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (Director: Professor Alla Ditta Raza Choudary) in Lahore, Pakistan is the first recipient of this label, confirmed by an official letter from the EMS President, Professor Marta Sanz-Sole. An article about this Institute and the ERCE scheme in general will appear in the next issue of the Newsletter.
    In order to strengthen the meaning of this label, we are seeking to fund a number of M.Sc. scholarships to the ASSMS for students coming from neighbouring regions.
Institutional Collaboration
    As now traditional, at our Annual General Meeting last April in Madrid (thanks to our Spanish hosts) we invited the EMS President Professor Marta Sanz-Sole, the Chair of the IMU-CDC (Professor Jose Antonio de la Pena), and the President of the Spanish society CeMAT (Professor Antonio Campillo), as well as several members of CIMPA who are our members and/or associate members. Also among our members are those who are involved in establishing the new Pan-African Centre of Mathematics in close collaboration with Stockholm University. As a result of discussions, several meaningful collaborations are being now pursued. Our ongoing collaboration with ISP and ICTP is of course maintained.
Electronic Access
    We are continuing to hold electronic access workshops in Africa, and also South-East Asia. Following the success of these actual physical workshops (conducted by our member Anders Wandahl , some with the help of Michel Waldschmidt) a scheme of electronic workshops modelled on them is now being worked out with the IMU-CDC. These are partly funded by a grant from the latter.
    We continue to make use of the generous offer of Zentralblatt for free access to developing countries. The latest example is Malawi. We are grateful to Bernd Wegner and his colleagues for completing the procedure in just a few days for Malawi.
Book Donation Scheme
    We continue with our book donation scheme, although we now think that since many journals are available online, it is more worthwhile to send just books. We have recently opened up a new contact in Tibet, with which we hope to continue with further action.