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Tsou Sheung Tsun, Michel Waldschmidt (October 2012).

CDC organized a roundtable during the 6ECM entitled "The role of mathematics in emerging economies". This was moderated by Andreas Griewank and Tsou Sheung Tsun, with help from Paul Vaderlind. The panellists were: Neela Natraj (India), Alexander Shananin (Russia), Jin-yun Yuan (Brazil), Gareth Witten (South Africa) and Rentsen Enkhbat (Mongolia). The presentation can be found on our website.

During the ECM we were able to get donations of left-over books from the publishers who exhibited their books. CDC member Andreas Griewank collected more than 100 copies which he transported back to Berlin to be sent out as usual to developing countries. This seems to be a good way of getting new books, and he did the same thing in a subsequent meeting of applied mathematics.

The CDC gave grants to students from Cambodia and Indonesia who pursue their studies in Manila (Philippines) and the EMS-ERCE at Lahore (Pakistan), in a South-South perspective.

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