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Tsou Sheung Tsun, Michel Waldschmidt (01.11.10).

    We have proposed to the EC to elect Ramadas Ramakrishnan Trivandrum, who has just succeeded Le Dung Trang as chair of mathematics at ICTP.
Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence (ERCE):
    Mireille Martin-Deschamps and TST hope to present this in person to the EC, with a more detailed project.
Electronic access:
    Our member Anders Wandahl, with a grant from the IMU, held a workshop on electronic access, which attracted 47 participants. He will do another workshop later this month in Bamako during a CIMPA School.
Book donation:
    We are currently trying to send two substantial personal libraries.
Donation from reviewers of Zentralblatt:
    We continue to receive donations on a regular basis. This year we had an additional donation of 578.29 € from one Japanese reviewer, which we find quite wonderful.
ICTP meeting:
    ICTP is holding a high-profile meeting called "ICTP after 45 years", 8-10 November, 2010, to which TST is invited. She hopes to be able to report some of our activities there.

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