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ZBMATH-CDC-Report by Bernd Wegner (April 2012)

This is to give my final report on the CDC-related ZBMATH activities in 2011, including my own initiatives supporting the book donation programme.
1. As in previous years the honorarium donated to the CDC by the ZBMATH-reviewers has been collected at ZBMATH and transferred to the CDC. The precise amount should not be subject of this report, but presumably it will be mentioned in the oral report of the CDC-chair.
2. With the approval of the ZBMATH Coordinating Committee the open access offer for the colleagues in DCs is continued in 2012. This offer originally is based on an initiative of the EMS and should acknowledge the participation of EMS in the edition of ZBMATH. The list of institutions and individuals who benefit from this offer can be found in the attachment.
    Unfortunately for several of them the initial usage stopped at some point, though there was an annual routine to ask them for updating their access data. Hence I propose that the CDC-members check the list to identify institutions known to them with the aim to generate usage of ZBMATH at these institutions again. I promise to care about the Cuban institutions.
    I propose to clean up the list after a period of six months by removing those from the list, which did nor use ZBMATH in 2012 so far.
3. I was involved in a book donation initially organized by Josef Teichmann. The donation came from an institute at the TU Vienna. He asked me to care about a safe transport to Cuba. The transport from Vienna to Berlin was financed by the money donated by the ZBMATH reviewers to the CDC. I succeeded to convince the Cuban embassy in Berlin to care about the transport to Havanna. Meanwhile arrival of the books has been confirmed by the colleagues in Havanna.
4. I am leaving my office at TU and will donate my book collection located there to the University of Mascara, Algeria. I know a reliable colleague at this university, who will care about the books. My plan is to use the ZBMATH-generated CDC-money for financing the transport of the books. I hope this finds the approval of the CDC.
A report about the future relations between ZBMATH and CDC will be given by my successor, Gert-Martin Greuel. I assume that there will be no changes.
    I wish you a successful meeting. I am sorry not to be able to come to Limoges.
    Bernd Wegner, April 11th 2012

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