Report of activities in 2011-2012 by Michel Waldschmidt (April 2012)

Between the meeting in Madrid in April 2011 and the meeting in Limoges in April 2012, my main activities related with EMS-CDC have been the following ones.
First of all, I have maintained the web site of the European Mathematical Society - Committee for the Developing Countries
This website has been renovated by Nick Gill. I am very thankful to him for his superb job.
There is a subsection on the page
to individual reports, which have a dedicated folder

I had a number of visits in developping countries, some of them gave rise to reports which are posted on my web site
        Coopération Internationale - International Cooperation
Several of these visits of mine abroad were done under the auspices of CIMPA (Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées), of which I was Regional Scientific Officer until end of 2011 - see the rubric dedicated to the Indian and Western Asia activities (English version)
and (version française)
for the activities in 2011.

Among my projects for next year, I wish to mention the following items.

Further information is available on my web site

I take this opportunity to advertise the data base CIMPA-SMAI-SMF: Mathematics in the world.