Applied Mathematics

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The Committee wants to promote Applied Mathematics as a whole through and within EMS. It wants to cooperate with other, sometimes more specialized, societies on the European and global level and with applications-oriented member societies, especially in further improving the public and political awareness about the importance of mathematics to cultural, economic and social development.

EC responsible member: Volker Mehrmann, Email:

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Chair: Jose Antonio Carrillo (Address)
Term of office: 2014-2017
Term: II
Vice-Chair: Helge Holden
Term of office: 2011-2014
Term: I


Name Term of office Term Web page / Email
Annalisa Buffa 2014-2017 II
Jose Antonio Carrillo 2014-2017 II
Stéphane Cordier 2014-2017 I
Pedro Freitas 2014-2017 II
Helge Holden 2011-2014 I
Alexander Martin 2014-2017 II
Marek Niezgódka 2014-2017 II
Hilary Ockendon 2014-2017 II
Jean-Michel Poggi 2014-2017 I
Dieter Prätzel-Wolters 2014-2017 I
Peregrina Quintela Estevez 2014-2017 II
Ronny Ramlau 2014-2017 I
Giovanni Russo 2014-2017 I
Wil Schilders 2014-2017 I
Samuli Siltanen 2014-2017 I
Mete Soner 2009-2016 II
Zdenek Strakos 2014-2017 II

Past Members

Name Term of office Terms Email
Maria J. Esteban 2006-2013 II
Mats Gyllenberg 2006-2013 II
Marc Lavielle 2010-2013 I
Anders Lindquist 2006-2013 II
Yvon Maday 2006-2013 II
Helmut Neunzert 2006-2013 II
Mario Primicerio 2006-2013 II
Lukasz Stettner 2006-2013 II