Ehtics Committee

Terms of reference

The Ethics Committee will focus on unethical behaviour in mathematical publications. This includes, for example, plagiarism, duplicate publication, inadequate citations, inflated self citations, dishonest refereeing, and other violations of the professional code. The Committee will be responsible for the following three tasks:

  1. To raise the awareness of the problem by preparing a code of practice.
  2. To encourage journals and publishers to respond to allegations of unethical behaviour in a conscientious way.
  3. To provide a mechanism whereby researchers can ask the Committee to help them pursue claims of unethical behaviour.

The committee may take up other relevant questions related to ethics in connection with its work.

If you think you are a victim of unethical behaviour regarding publications as described above, please contact the Chair of the committee, Arne Jensen.

EMS Code of Practice

EC responsible member: Franco Brezzi, Email:

Chair: Arne Jensen (Address)
Term of office: 2014-2017
Term: II
Vice-Chair: Garth Dales
Term of office: 2014-2017
Term: II


Name Term of office Term Email
Zbigniew Blocki 2014-2017 I
Graziano Gentili 2014-2015 II
Garth Dales 2014-2017 II
Radu Gologan 2014-2015 II
Arne Jensen 2010-2013 I
Adolfo Quiros 2014-2017 II
Tatyana Shaposhnikova 2014-2017 II
Norbert Schappacher 2014-2017 I
Betul Tanbay 2014-2017 I

Past Members

Name Term of office Terms Email
Jean-Paul Allouche 2010-2013 I
Christine Jacob 2010-2013 I
Tomaz Pisanski 2010-2013 I