EMS Scientific Activities

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  • EMS Lecturer
    Every year, the EMS appoints an EMS Lecturer. This is an honorary post, bestowed on an internationally renowned researcher, affiliated to a European institution. An EMS Lecturer is asked to deliver several lectures in various European places; one of the lectures is tied to an international conference in Europe. Costs of EMS Lecturers are supported by the EMS.
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  • EMS Distinguished Speaker
    An EMS Distinguished Speaker is a prestigious appointment, awarded by the EMS to an internationally renowned researcher. An EMS Distinguished Speaker is asked to deliver a plenary lecture at a large regional or international European conference. Costs of EMS Distinguished Speakers are supported by the EMS.
  • List of EMS Distinguished Speakers
  • EMS Joint Mathematical Weekend
    An EMS Weekend is a regional European conference, interdisciplinary and covering several mathematical fields; usually organized jointly with one or several corporate societies. The EMS provides partial financial support to the organization.
  • List of EMS Weekends
  • Special Activities
    In special circumstances, the EMS may consider co-organizing scientific activities not belonging to any of the types listed before. Since resources are scarce, only a very limited number can be partially supported.
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  • Activities sponsored by the EMS
    The EMS provides the logo as sign of scientific quality, but not financial support. These activities are susceptible of hosting EMS Distinguished speakers and EMS Lecturers.
  • List of activities sponsored by the EMS
  • Summer Schools