Pedestrian Dynamics: Modeling, Validation and Calibration

Monday, August 21, 2017 (All day) to Friday, August 25, 2017 (All day)

ICERM Topical Workshop: Pedestrian Dynamics: Modeling, Validation and Calibration

The complex dynamical behavior of large pedestrian crowds has long fascinated researchers from various scientific fields. Academic studies began in earnest in the last century, starting with empirical observations in the early 1950’s and continuing with the development of models in the field of applied physics. In more recent years, applied mathematicians have become increasingly interested in the analytical aspects and computational challenges related to simulation of existing models. With ongoing technical development, more and more data such as pedestrian trajectories and velocities have become available, leading to new questions of calibration of the mathematical models.

Since the inception of the field of study, several scientific communities have been independently working on the challenge of describing and simulating pedestrian dynamics. While mathematicians have mainly focused on the modeling and analytical aspects, physicists have developed experimental setups and methods to determine velocity data for large pedestrian groups in different settings. In scientific computing, research interests lie, on the one hand, in data extraction from video material and, on the other, in simulation and the development of efficient computational methods to describe the dynamics of large pedestrian groups. The main aims of this workshop are to initiate contact between these scientific fields, to foster interdisciplinary research and to explore new research directions such as data assimilation techniques and big-data analysis.

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