3 PhD positions in Vienna

We are looking for 3 ambitious, excellent PhD students for the following
3 projects financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF):

*** Number 1701: "Analysis of partial differential equations with cross-diffusion
and stochastic driving". The topic of this project is to develop an existence
theory for reaction-cross-diffusion systems with time or space-time white noise.
You should have a strong background in stochastic analysis and/or stochastic
(partial) differential equations. Project leader: Nicola Zamponi. The project
is in cooperation with Christian Kuehn (TU Muenchen) and Ansgar Juengel (TU Wien).

*** Number 1702: "Large-time behavior of discrete dissipative systems". The aim of
this project, which is part of the Special Research Program "Taming Complexity
in PDE Systems", is to develop and analyze structure-preserving numerical schemes
for physically relevant nonlinear parabolic equations. You should have a strong
background on the analysis of partial differential equations, preferably with
some knowledge on numerical approximations. Project part leader: Ansgar Juengel.

*** Number 1703: "Derivation and analysis of cross-diffusion systems from physics
and chemistry". The topic of the project is the analysis of the entropy structure
of multi-species systems and their derivation from kinetic Boltzmann systems,
leading to cross-diffusion equations. You should have a good knowledge in the
analysis and/or numerics of partial differential equations, preferably with
some knowledge on kinetic transport equations. Project leader: Ansgar Juengel.

The positions are based on regular working contracts including social security,
awarded for up to 3 years, staring in September/October 2017 or later. The salary is
about 2070 Euro (14 times per year) before tax or about 1800 Euro (12 times per year)
after tax. All PhD students will benefit from the activities of the Doctoral School
"Dissipation and dispersion in nonlinear PDEs" (http://npde.tuwien.ac.at) and the
"Vienna Center for PDEs" (http://viennapde.tuwien.ac.at).

You should have or being close to a master degree in mathematics or related fields.
Please send your CV, a short description of current scientific interest, and scans
of your certificates by e-mail in a *single* pdf file to Ms Manuela Khaladj

until *31 August 2017*.

Later applications will be considered, until positions are filled.

The Vienna University of Technology intends to increase the number of women on its
faculty and therefore specifically invites applications by women. Among equally
qualified applicants women will receive preferential consideration.

Please send informal enquiries to Prof. Ansgar Juengel (juengel@tuwien.ac.at).

Job location: 
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10
1040 Wien
Contact and application information
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Contact name: 
Ansgar Jüngel