One year Postdoctoral Position in Algebra, University of Western Australia

We are pleased to announce a 1 year postdoctoral fellowship position at the the University of Western Australia.

For details of a 1 year postdoctoral fellowship in Algebra at the University of Western Australia see

Applications may be made online up to the closing date September 1. The salary range $90K-$100K is usual.

The applicant will work with Prof. Cheryl Praeger and Dr Stephen Glasby using symmetry to gain insight into finite geometries and/or analysing densities of certain matrices in matrix groups (symplectic, unitary, orthogonal).

Potential applicants who have difficulty submitting a full application by the deadline should contact or before September 1st.

Job location: 
Centre of the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation, School of Mathematics and Statistics
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA 6009
Contact and application information
Friday, September 1, 2017
Contact name: 
Cheryl Praeger
Postdoctoral fellowships
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