PhD position in Graz, Austria

I am offering a position in a research project for a PhD student. The position starts in June 1, 2016, and is for three years. The research project is called "Probabilistic Methods in Analysis and Number Theory", and is devoted to topics from the intersection area of probability theory, number theory, analysis and numerical analysis. Particular topics include:

- equidistribution theory (theory of uniform distribution modulo one), Diophantine approximation, metric number theory, analytic number theory
- convergence of function series, Fourier analysis, flat polynomials
- low-discrepancy sampling, Quasi-Monte Carlo integration, information-based complexity, tractability theory, tests for pseudorandomness

However, you are not supposed to have a special education on these topics - creativity and spiritedness are much more important.

Applicants should have a master's degree (or equivalent). Salary is 2.024 € per month (before taxes, 14 times a year).

Please send me your application pr e-mail, including CV, certificates, special interests and (if applicable) a letter of recommendation from your master's thesis supervisor or some other appropriate person.

If you want to have more information on my person, see here:

Job location: 
Technische Universität Graz
8010 Graz
Contact and application information
Thursday, December 31, 2015
Contact name: 
Christoph Aistleitner


Dear Professor C. Aistleitner 

Attached to this email, a few documents of my information to apply in "Probabilistic Methods in Analysis and Number Theory", I will be grateful if let me know that is there possible to apply by person that studied Mathematical Analysis.

Sincerely yours

Mezban Habibi

PhD student at PNU, Shiraz, Iran

Address: P.O. Box 7164754818, Shiraz, Iran

Phone: 00989176193511, 00989166161828

Date: Oct 23, 2015