PhD positions in Barcelona area

New MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy) call for new PhD positions.
Two positions are for BGSMath/Maria de Maeztu projects, in the areas of “Geometry and Topology” and “Probability and Statistics”.
One position for UB project Function spaces and boundedness of operators methods in analysis. María Jesús Carro (
One position for UB project Vector bundles in algebraic geometry. Rosa M. Miró-Puig (
One position for UB project Estimation of latent networks. Numerical and theoretical methods in dynamical systems and applications. Ernest Fontich (
One position for UAB project Aspects of local and global dynamics of continuous and discrete dynamical systems: integrability, periodicity and bifurcations. Jaume Llibre ( and Joan Torregrossa (
One position for UAB project Harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory and applications. Xavier Tolsa (
One position for UAB project Homotopy theory of algebraic structures. Natàlia Castellana ( and Joachim Kock (
One position for UAB project Analysis and partial differential equations. Joan Verdera ( and Joan Mateu (
One position for UPC project Advanced cryptography to face new challenges in the e- society. Javier Herranz (

Link to the BGSMath help guide.

Please note that for this call you only have 15 days (the deadline is on 18 Oct 2017 at 15.00h).

We take this opportunity to inform you also about other PhD positions associated with MTM projects involving BGSMath research groups.

Please find attached the help guide we have prepared for you. We are interested in the best qualified candidates. So, please spread the word around among all of your interested contacts!

Kind regards,

on behalf of BGSMath Director Marc Noy

Luca T. Barone

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Albert Ruiz
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