Post-doc position on Graph Edit Distance, Error Correcting Graph Matching, Quadratic minimization

Brief Description of the position

The candidate will work within a small team of three persons in
collaboration with other laboratories. Together with this team the
candidate will develop new methods to compute close approximations
of the Graph edit distance on large graphs. This research activity will
be based on a formulation of the Graph edit distance as the minimization of a quadratic functional. From this point of view, the Graph edit distance is quite similar to error correcting graph matching.

The candidate will be encouraged to propose his own improvements of this
existing framework. Possible research directions, include the design
of efficient parallel bipartite graph matching methods (to be included
in quadratic minimization schemes) and proposals of new quadratic
minimization schemes. Validated methods will be included in a global
library on Graph edit distance developed by the team.

Salary: This position will be granted with about 2280 euros/month
net salary.

Application domains: machine learning on graphs (prediction of
molecular properties, analysis of brain connectivity graphs, malware
detection, . . . )

Further details:

Place: The research will be conducted at GREYC Laboratory (Caen, France)
in Normandy. The GREYC (UMR 6072) is affiliated to the CNRS, University of Caen and ENSICAEN.

Start date: January/ February 2018

Duration: 12 to 20 months according to discussions with the candidate.

Topics: Graph Edit distance, error correcting graph matching, combinatorial optimization, quadratic minimization.

Contacts to apply and further information:

• Luc Brun (, 02 31 45 27 01) and
• Sébastien Bougleux (

Required skills:

• PhD or Master in Applied Mathematics or computer science,
• experience in C++ or Matlab programming,
• knowledge in optimization (discrete or continuous).

Required documents: Please send the following documents:

• up to date CV,
• Any recommendation letter
• A short document on research experience and interests

Contact and application information
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Contact name: 
Luc Brun