Postdoctoral position in Nantes (France) in Biomathematics

Modeling and Simulating of Multiple Myeloma Cancer Growth, Initiation and Progression

In this project, we propose a mathematical model of myeloma cancer development and its progression. This model describes the critical signaling between osteoclasts (bone resorption) and osteoblasts (bone formation) in terms of partial differential equations.
Multiple myeloma is a hematological malignancy associated with clonal expansion of malignant plasma cells with the bone marrow. One of the major clinical features of myeloma is the development of a progressive and destructive osteolytic bone disease.
Our goal is a numerical investigation for a complete model of bone remodeling dynamics for normal bone cell populations and myeloma bone disease. The complete model combines the stepwise mutations from a normal bone cell to a tumour cell.
The aim is to improve a 2D numerical code, based on finite volume schemes on unstructured mesh, by adding the effects drug therapy and treatment.

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Ecole Centrale de Nantes
1 rue de la Noé
44321 Nantes
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Friday, June 30, 2017
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Mazen Saad
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