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AMS Prizes and Awards 2011

The following prizes and awards were given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans:
* AMS Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement to John W. Milnor, Stony Brook University
* AMS Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition to Henryk Iwaniec, Rutgers University
* AMS Steele Prize for Seminal Contribution to Research to Ingrid Daubechies, Princeton University
* AMS Bocher Prize to Assaf Naor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University
* AMS Bocher Prize to Gunther Uhlmann, University of California, Irvine and the University of Washington

EMS seeks nominations for EMS Lecturers, Distinguished Speakers, and EMS Weekends

The Meetings Committee of the EMS seeks:

1. Nominations for EMS Lecturers: An EMS Lecturer,
typically appointed once a year, is an honorary
post, bestowed on an internationally renowned researcher.
An EMS Lecturer is asked to deliver several lectures
in various places, where one of the lectures is tied
to an international conference in Europe.

2. Nominations for EMS Distinguished Speakers: An
EMS Distinguished Speaker is a prestigious appointment,
awarded to an internationally renowned researcher.
An EMS Distinguished Speaker is asked to deliver

Decease of Professor Benoit Mandelbrot

Professor Benoit Mandelbrot passed away on the 14th of October in Cambridge, Mass.
Mandelbrot is known for his outstanding contributions to fractal geometry and applications to many scientific
fields, like physics, biology and finance.
More information at

Lázló Lovász receives the Kyoto Prize

Dr. Lázló Lovász, Director of the Mathematical Institute of the Eövtös Loránd University of Budapest and President of the International Mathematical Union will receive the 26th annual Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences from the Inamori Foundation. The laureate will be presented with a diploma, a 20-karat-gold Kyoto Prize medal, and a cash gift totaling 50 million yen (approximately US$550,000) during a week of ceremonies beginning November 9, 2010, in Kyoto. For further information see

Institut Mittag-Leffler. Call for proposals 2013-2014 – Deadline 12 January 2011

Institut Mittag-Leffler in Stockholm, Sweden, invites program proposals for the academic year 2013 – 2014.
Further information:

ICIAM Prizes for 2011 announced

ICIAM (International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) announced their 2011 prizes on Sep 20, 2010. The prizes will be awarded at the opening ceremony of the 2011 ICIAM Congress in Vancouver, Canada. For details about the winners, please see

Balzan Prize for Mathematics goes to Jacob Palis

One million Swiss Francs (around EUR 760.000, USD 980.000, GBP 640.000) for Mathematics (pure or applied). Half of the amount must be destined by the winner to research projects.

Milan, 6 September 2010 - The names of the 2010 Balzan Prizewinners were announced today in a public event:

Jacob Palis (Brazil), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, National Institute of pure and applied Mathematics (IMPA), for Mathematics (pure or applied)
Shinya Yamanaka (Japan/USA), Kyoto University, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, for Stem Cells: Biology and Potential Applications

IMU issues "Best Practice" document on journals

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) has issued a document providing best practice guidelines for the running of mathematical journals. The document can be found at . The document was endorsed by the IMU General Assembly held August 16-17, 2010 in Bangalore, India.

The IMU Prizes Winners Announced

The IMU prize winners have been announced at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2010 in Hyderabad, India. Fields Medalists are Elon Lindenstrauss, Ngô Bào Châu, Stanislav Smirnov, Cédric Villani. Nevanlinna Prize winner is Daniel Spielman. Gauss Prize winner is Yves Meyer. Chern Medal winner is Louis Nirenberg.

Nominations for the Abel Prize 2011

The call for nominations for the Abel Prize 2011 has been announced. The deadline to be considered for the 2011 prize is September 15, 2010. For further information and online nomination form, please see

EMS members get free access to Zentralblatt MATH online

Individual members of the EMS get free access to Zentralblatt MATH online at To obtain login and password please contact Olaf Teschke (

Prof. Marta Sanz-Solé of Barcelona new President Elect of the EMS

On Saturday, July 10, 2010, the Council of the EMS unanimously elected Prof. Marta Sanz-Solé as new President of the EMS. She will serve her four year term starting January 1, 2011, thereby succeeding the present president, Prof. Ari Laptev. For further information about the new president please see

Perelman declines the Clay Millennium Prize

Grigoriy Perelman of St. Petersburg, Russia has declined the USD 1,000,000 Millennium Prize awarded by the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) [ ]. In March 2010 the CMI had announced that Perelman was the recipient of the prize for his resolution of the Poincaré conjecture, one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems. For further information, please consult

Decease of Prof. Vladimir Arnold

Professor Vladimir Arnold, one of the most prominent mathematicians of the last century, passed away on June 3, 2010 in Paris. See

Decease of Professor Paul Malliavin

The French mathematician Paul Malliavin passed away on June 3 at the age of 84.
He was professor emeritus at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) and
member of the Academie des Sciences. A short biography can be found at