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ESF-EMS-ERCOM Mathematics Conferences: Call for Proposals

The 2009 Call for Proposals for ESF-EMS-ERCOM Mathematics Conferences to be held in 2011 and 2012 is open.
Details about the Call are given in
For on-line submission of proposals, go to
Submission deadline is September 15, 2009.

Up to six conferences taking place in one of the participating ERCOM Research Centres will be funded.

Russian-French mathematician receives the Abel Prize 2009

European advertisements

Vacant academic positions in European departments of mathematics and statistics offered by the European Mathematical Society. New entries can be registered via this form.

National job advertisements

Below we list European countries with national job advertisements in mathematical sciences.

Czech Republic

The Abel Prize 2009

The recipient of the 2009 Abel Prize in mathematics will be announced on March 26, 2009.
The Abel Prize Ceremony will take place in Oslo on May 19, 2009 at 14:00. The Abel Lectures will take place at the University of Oslo on May 20, 2009.


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ICMS Call for Proposals for Research-in-Groups and Workshops

Proposals are now invited for the new ICMS Research-In-Groups (RiGs) programme. RiGs will enable researchers to spend a short period in intensive research collaboration at ICMS, in Edinburgh, away from teaching and administration. The primary aim of this flexible programme is to support top-quality international research in the mathematical sciences. Therefore ICMS encourages adventurous proposals involving novel groupings of researchers, especially in interdisciplinary areas involving overseas collaborators.

Call for application for Grand Prix scientifique del Duca

Call for applications for the Grand Prix scientifique Simone and Cino del Duca 2009 (amount EUR 364 000) to be awarded to an internationally recognized French or European mathematician proposing an ambitious research project based on the collective work of a group under his/her direction.
Deadline for application : January 25, 2009.
Contact for further information:

Beno Eckmann passed away

Renowned mathematician Beno Eckmann (1917-2008), ETH Zürich, recently passed away. For a recent interview with him, we refer to

Kiyoshi Ito passed away

The renowned mathematician and professor emeritus at Kyoto University, Kiyoshi Ito, passed away on November 10. He was 93. Ito received the Gauss Prize from the International Mathematics Union in 2006.

Oded Schramm (1961-2008)

Oded Schramm died in a climbing accident in September, 2008.
Oded Schramm was a towering figure, an extraordinary mathematician, widely considered to be the most influential probabilist in the world. His revolutionary work completely transformed our understanding of critical processes in two dimensions, tying probability theory to analysis and topology like never before.

The André Lichneriwicz prize to Henrique Bursztyn and Marius Crainic

The André Lichnerowicz prize in Poisson geometry was established in 2008.
It will be awarded for notable contributions to Poisson geometry, every two
years at the “International Conference on Poisson Geometry in Mathematics
and Physics”, to researchers who completed their doctorates at most eight years
before the year of the Conference.
The prize was named in memory of André Lichnerowicz (1915-1998) whose
work was fundamental in establishing Poisson geometry as a branch of math-
ematics. It is awarded by a jury composed of the members of the scientific

French mathematician Henri Cartan dies

One of the most influential mathematicians of our time, Henri Cartan, has
passed away at age 104. His contribution to modern Mathematics during his
long life has been enormous and invaluable. He was a remarkable teacher
and one of the founders and long term member of the Bourbaki group. He was
also passionately committed to a united Europe and Human Rights. Henri
Cartan will be remembered with great respect and gratitude by many
mathematicians of all generations.
On behalf of the European Mathematical Society I would like to express our
deepest condolences to his family.

A. Laptev

Seed grant for twinning with developing countries

The Committee for Developing Countries (CDC) of the European Mathematical Society wishes to introduce a "twinning"
scheme, whereby a department in the developed world "twins" with a department in the developing world, to help them in various ways.
For example:

  • Help with journal and database subscriptions, as detailed above
  • Donation of books, journals and equipment
  • Supplying guest lecturers and supporting visits from the less
    developed department

The Shaw Prize 2008 to Arnold and Faddeev

The Shaw Laureates for 2008 have been announced. Please check the following web pages for further details:

ESF-EMS Mathematics Conferences supported by ERCOM

The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the European Mathematical Society (EMS),
supported by the European Research Centres on Mathematics (ERCOM) have agreed to
co-sponsor a series of Scientific Conferences, within the framework of the ESF Research Conferences Scheme. The Series are called

ESF-EMS-ERCOM Mathematics Conferences.

Mathematicians are invited to submit proposals for high level conferences to be held in
2009 and 2010. The deadline for submission is September 15, 2008.

For the details about the Call, visit