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Latest news for mathematicians and members of the European Mathematical Society.

Network of International Mathematical Centers founded

At a meeting in Paris on June 1, 2013, four international mathematical centers agreed to cooperate. The starting member institutions of NIM consist of the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences in Lahore (Pakistan), the Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas in Guanajuato (Mexico), the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics in Hanoi (Vietnam) and the Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (Rio de Janeiro, Bresil).

Vicent Caselles 1960-2013

On the 15th of August, Professor Vicent Caselles passed away at the age of 53 in Barcelona. Vicent was the leader of the research group on Image Processing at the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF, Barcelona), a landmark in the World on this multidisciplinary field. His outstanding and numerous mathematical contributions have been recognized with important awards and invitations. He was an invited speaker at the ICM 2006 and at the 6th European Congress of Mathematics (Krakow, 2012). In 2012, he got an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council.

LMS prizes for 2013 announced

The Council of the London Mathematical Society announced the prize winners at the Society Meeting held at De Morgan house on 5 July:
De Morgan Medal – Professor John Thompson FRS, University of Cambridge
Naylor Prize and Lectureship – Professor Nick Trefethen FRS, University of Oxford
Senior Whitehead Prize – Professor Frances Kirwan FRS, University of Oxford
Whitehead Prize – Professor Luis Alday, University of Oxford
Whitehead Prize – Dr Andre Neves of Imperial College London

ICERM programs

During the academic year 2014-15, the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics at Brown University will focus on semester programs on High-dimensional Approximation ( and Phase Transitions and Emergent Properties ( Applications for postdoctoral fellowships are invited:,,

Gran Sasso Science Institute starts PhD program

The Gran Saaso Science Institute (GSSI) is a newly established international PhD school and a center foradvanced studies in physics, mathematics, computer science and social sciences. The School is located in the historical area of the city centre of L'Aquila (Italy). PhD degrees will be issued jointly important international institutions:
SISSA-ISAS Trieste (Physics and Mathematics), IMT Lucca (Computer Sciences), Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Pisa (Social Sciences/Urban Studies).
GSSI will provide students of free housing plus the standard three years PhD grant (gross yr € 16.160,00).

Liquidation of Russian Academy of Sciences impending?

The Russian government, at a meeting last week, launched a bill proposing fundamental changes to the Russian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1724 by Peter the Great. According to the bill, dated 28 June, the academy is to merge with two minor societies — the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The responsibility for the more than 400 research institutes now under the academy’s auspices would be transferred to a new government-run agency. On July 1, the Academy has been granted a temporary reprieve.

CIRM: Call for applications "Chaire Jean-Morlet"

The Chair is intended for an outstanding, innovative researcher from a non-French institution who will work closely with a Local project leader based at Aix-Marseille Université. The idea is not only to collaborate at an international level but also to develop strong synergies with laboratories, researchers, doctoral students and with the local mathematical sciences community at large.

Keith Ball elected Fellow of the Royal Society

The Royal Society of London has elected its new fellows for 2013. Professor Keith Ball (Warwick University), the current chair of ERCOM, is among the newly elected FRS. Other fellows whose work involves the mathematical sciences are: Raymond Goldstein, University of Cambridge; Gareth Roberts, University of Warwick; Alan Turnbull, National Physical Laboratory; and Julia Yeomans, University of Oxford. Elected as a foreign member was Elliott Lieb, Princeton University.

1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum with many top mathematicians and Computer Scientists

38 Abel, Fields and Turing Laureates confirmed their attendance at the 1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), which will take place from September 22 until 27, 2013. The laureates will meet 200 of the most talented young researchers in the fields of mathematics and computer science from 47 countries, selected out of almost 600 submitted applications. Lectures and workshops will offer plenty of opportunity for scientific exchange, while a rich variety of social events are set up to encourage the young researchers to engage in casual conversations with their scientific role models.

G8 Science Ministers met in London

On 12 June the Royal Society hosted the first ever G8 joint Science Ministers and national science academies meeting in London. The Ministers approved a statement which proposes to the G8 for consideration new areas for collaboration and agreement on global challenges, global research infrastructure, open scientific research data, and increasing access to the peer-reviewed, published results of scientific research.

ICM 2014: Travel grants to 1000 mathematicians from developing countries

The Organizing Committee of ICM 2014 offers to invite 1,000 mathematicians from developing countries to Korea to participate in ICM 2014. The ICM 2014 Travel Fellowship Fund was set up and the Organizing Committee of ICM 2014 estimates the average cost to be approximately US$1,500~US$2,500 per person, making the total cost US$2 million. The application and selection procedures for the grant program "NANUM 2014" is supposed to be based on merit and with due regard for gender and geographical balance.

2013 Shaw Prize to Donoho

The 2013 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences, worth US$1 million dollars, is awarded to David L. Donoho (Stanford University) "for his profound contributions to modern mathematical statistics and in particular the development of optimal algorithms for statistical estimation in the presence of noise and of efficient techniques for sparse representation and recovery in large data-sets."

Activities in Spain devoted to MPE 2013

As a contribution to the year Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013, the Royal Spanish Math Society (RSME) organizes two MPE activities:
Biomat 2013: Evolution and cooperation in social sciences and biomedicine.
RSME and Fisymat. Granada, Spain, June 17-21, 2013.
Lluis Santaló School 2013: Scientific challenges in a sustainable planet. RSME, UIMP and Fisymat. Palacio de la Magdalena, Santander, Spain, July, 15-19, 2013.

José Luis Rubio de Francia Prize 2012 for young mathematicians

María Pe Pereira, visiting professor at Université de Lille, has been awarded the José Luis Rubio de Francia Prize for the year 2012. According to the jury statement supporting their decision: “María Pe Pereira (Burgos, 1981) has done some outstanding mathematical contributions to singularity theory, especially in connection with the celebrated Nash problem on arcs for surface singularities (posed by John Nash in 1968)."

Geometry/Topology research programme at VU Amsterdam terminated

As result of a restructuring plan published two years ago (cf information below), the Free University Amsterdam (VU) has now formally terminated the Geometry/Topology research programmes. The VU did not dismiss the members of the Geometry Section as originally planned, but the development has had serious consequences for several VU researchers: