The proposed EU budget for Horizon Europe (the successor framework to Horizon 2020) is smaller than expected, and puts Europe behind other advanced economies on scientific investment. Please consider signing this petition to increase it.

  • EMS on Open Access - Update July 2018

    To react to ongoing discussion about the open access, in particular, those taking place at the ESOF in Toulouse, the EMS wants to reiterate its position with respect to this question, see document.

  • Mateusz Kwaśnicki awarded 2018 EMS Gordin Prize

    Mateusz Kwaśnicki, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, has received the 2018 EMS Gordin Prize, for his outstanding contributions to the spectral analysis of Lévy processes.

    The EMS Gordin Prize honours the memory of Mikhail Gordin and is awarded to a junior mathematician from an Eastern Europe country working in probability or dynamical systems.

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