Changes to the EMS Website

As you may have noticed, the EMS website has recently been updated. The new layout and appearance is designed to make the website work well on mobile and tablets devices, as well as providing much more inherent structure to the website's content.

You will find lots of useful features as you browse and interact with the site, such as application of geographical data, entering LaTeX, etc. So you are encouraged to explore.

The biggest change for users is that you now need to login to a user account if you wish to comment on a particular item, or if you wish to submit a news article, event, job posting or book review. Such submissions are still subject to a manual review by the EMS editors, but it does allow contributors to be cross-referenced.
Registration is straightforward - it requires your name and an email address; the email address is never disclosed to the public, nor will it be passed on to any third party. Once you are logged in, links to create content are in the  'Shortcuts' navigation bar at the top of each page.

Found a Problem?

There was a lot of data to migrate across from the old EMS website, and there will inevitably be some errors in this migration. If you notice such omissions, or encounter a technical problem, you can submit a help request via - we cannot always respond immediately, but we will look into the problem and do our best to help.

Summary of Changes

  • Website is responsive to the user's screen - the layout stretches to fit the browser window, and the layout will 'stack' for smaller screens. Pages which include tables of data adapt to the size of the screen.
  • The User Interface is mobile friendly.
  • All content submissions pass through a moderation workflow. There is also a user-driven system to flag up inappropriate content.
  • Each content submission (eg, a New item, job posting etc) has much more structure, allowing much more data analysis, filtering and sorting. Along with rich URLs, the structure also makes the data easier for search engines to analyse.
  • Geographical data now structured, to allow jobs, corporate members etc to be overlaid onto maps.
  • Rich WYSIWYG interface that also allows directly LaTeX input and MathML export.
  • Full user account profiles, with optional links to Twitter.
  • Integration with online submissions and membership payment.
  • Committees can now build sub-websites within the EMS website; certain pages can be made private to members only.
  • Discussion forum now available to logged in users.
  • EMS administrators have management dashboards, including a comprehensive system to manage the site's home page.


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Currently the site is unable to send emails - which prevents new users from creating accounts or recovering passwords. As a consequence login and registration are currently disabled.

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Login and registration are now available as the email service has been restored