NSF seizes funding IMA and MBI

It appears that the NSF-funded Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA) at the University of Minnesota will be closing its doors within a couple of years, and its sister institute, MBI (the Mathematical Biosciences Institute) at Ohio State will not continue much longer in its present form. The IMA had undergone a site visit in the autumn of 2014 resulting in a recommendation for continued funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). This is why the oral communication to the IMA (no longer funding it after two years of ramp-down) was met by surprise and choc. It has probably to be seen of the background of severe budget cuts that the Division of Mathematical Sciences had to absorb in recent year.

Mathematicians who profited from participation in IMA programs have set up a petition urging the NSF to reconsider its decision.

More information in the editorial of the last ICIAM Newsletter (page 2-3). See also the update in a comment below.


taken from the Director's Newsletter 
As you may have heard, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has decided to end its funding of the IMA through its Math Institutes program, putting the IMA into a ramp-down phase. The IMA that we know and love will cease to exist in its present form on August 31, 2017. Over the last 33 years, the IMA made a huge contribution to the mathematical sciences, from creating new knowledge to developing talent and from changing the culture of mathematical research to creating new research communities. In the coming months, my colleagues and I will put our effort into re-imagining the IMA. Until that time, we still have two more annual programs to carry out for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, as well as the plethora of special and hot topics workshops, public lectures, and seminars.