Plenary and invited lectures at ICM

The Organizing Committee of the ICM 2018 is proud to present the full list of speakers and sections for the Rio de Janeiro International Congress of Mathematicians. It can be found at

List of ICM 2018 plenary speakers:

Alex Lubotzky (Israel)
Andrei Okounkov (Russia/USA)
Assaf Naor (USA)
Carlos Gustavo Moreira (Brazil)
Catherine Goldstein (France)
Christian Lubich (Germany)
Geordie Williamson (Australia/Germany)
Gil Kalai (Israel)
Greg Lawler (USA)
Lai-Sang Young (USA)
Luigi Ambrosio (Italy)
Michael Jordan (USA)
Nalini Anantharaman (France)
Peter Kronheimer (USA) and Tom Mrowka (USA)
Peter Scholze (Germany)
Rahul Pandharipande (Switzerland)
Ronald Coifman (USA)
Sanjeev Arora (USA)
Simon Donaldson (UK/USA)
Sylvia Serfaty (France/USA)
Vincent Lafforgue (France)