International Conference on Mathematical Sciences

Dec 28 2012 - 00:00
Dec 31 2012 - 23:59

Science college, Congress Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India

Short description of the event: 

Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan, is widely acknowledged as the greatest Mathematician of the 20th century. Hon’ble Prime Minister of India declared 22nd December, the birth day of this great soul as ‘National Mathematics Day’ and 2012 as ‘National Mathematical Year’. The college has taken this opportunity to host an international conference to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

In spite of not having formal training in pure Mathematics, Ramanujan made a substantial contribution to Mathematical analysis, Number theory, Infinite series and continued fractions. Ramanujan independently discovered results of Gauss, Kummer and others on hypergeometric series. His most famous work was on the number p(n) of partitions of an integer ‘n’ into summands.

The aim of this conference is to provide a common platform to scientists/ Mathematicians / Physicists/ Statisticians working in various sub-disciplines of Mathematical Sciences around the world, which will help in developing a great mutual understanding and appreciation of interdisciplinary subjects. It will encourage and inspire the young researchers to undertake advanced learning and enlighten the faculty to accelerate their efforts in achieving the goal of quality education.The conference schedule is full of enriching programmes, which includes invited talks, plenary talks and paper and poster presentations.

* Applications of mathematics in sciences, Pure and Applied mathematics, Analysis, Differential equations, Differential geometry, Discrete mathematics, Number theory, Industrial mathematics, Fuzzy mathematics.

*Statistics, Applied statistics, Operation research.

*Relativity (General and Special), Relativistic astrophysics, Alternative theories of gravitation, Dark mater, String theories, Cosmology, Condensed matter physics, Quantum mechanics, Unified field theories, Wave equations, High energy physics.