Conformal blocks, vector bundles on curves and moduli of curves

Sep 2 2013 - 00:00
Sep 6 2013 - 23:59

Department of Mathematics "G. Castelnuovo" at "Sapienza" Universita` di Roma, Rome (Italy).

Short description of the event: 

The aim of this school/workshop is to give an introduction to conformal blocks, their construction and use as research tools and objects in
different branches of algebraic geometry and topology, in particular moduli spaces of algebraic curves and of vector bundles on curves.

Four mini-courses of 5 hours each will be held by the following speakers:

Prakash Belkale (Univ. North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Angela Gibney (Univ. of Georgia at Athens)
Gregor Masbaum (Univ. Paris VI at Jussieu)
Aaron Pixton (Princeton University)

The school/workshop will be held at the Department of Mathematics "Guido Castelnuovo" at "Sapienza" Universita` di Roma.

It is possible for PhD-students and young post-docs to apply for funding for lodging guaranteed by our sponsors.
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The deadline for applying for funding is MAY 31st, 2013.