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University of Reading
University of Reading
United Kingdom
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One of the most desirable outcomes of polymer physics is creation of simple macroscopic equations which would describe flowing polymeric materials such as molten plastics. Traditionally, such equations were either derived analytically, which is only possible in extremely simple cases, or postulated from physical intuition and then checked and calibrated afterwards. If such equation failed, more terms and more adjustable parameters were added, making the process very subjective and arbitrary.

In this project we shall look at alternative way of deriving simple stochastic models from observation of molecular dynamics trajectory. A classic example of such derivation was suggested by Einstein in 1905 in the paper explaining connection between the Brownian motion and diffusion. We will look at molecular dynamics simulations of unentangled and entangled polymers and will investigate possible ways of obtaining simpler stochastic models such as Generalized Langevin equation and a slip-links model.

A candidate should have strong background in Physics, Mathematics or Statistics and good programming skills. The work will be supervised by Professor Alexei Likhtman. You will be part of dynamic and well established Theoretical Polymer Physics group in the University of Reading.

Eligibility: Applicants should hold the equivalent of a UK Honours degree in Mathematics/Physics at a minimum of 2.1 level.

Funding Details: The studentship will cover International fees and pay a student stipend for up to 3 years. The studentship will begin in October 2013.

For informal inquiries please contact Alexei Likhtman at For further details and to apply, please find an application form at

The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

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Graduate student fellowships
PhD position - School of Mathematical and Physical Science
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Sep 30 2013