Postdoctoral position in applied mathematics

Brigitte Mangin
INRA- French National Institut for Agricultural Research
Job Description: 

We are seeking applicants for a project which aim is to estimate the extent and structure of linkage disequilibrium (LD) in some crop species. The applicant will conduct innovative analyses and develop novel approaches working with teams from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research.
The linkage disequilibrium is the correlation between alleles at different loci along the genome. The structure of the linkage disequilibrium and its extent along the chromosomes are the main features that impact the power of association studies and the accuracy of genomic selection. Real panel datasets representing different types of populations of wheat, pea and ryegrass will serve as base of the reflection. Data analysis will be conduct using the LDcorSV R package, and the usual software applications dedicated to the structure and relatedness estimation.

The post_doc is funded for 24 months. Skills in Quantitative genetics, Statistics or Biostatistics are required as well as R language programming.

The basic grass salary is about 3537 €/month. Application forms and requirements can be found on

Job Categories: 
Postdoctoral fellowships
Statistics, genetics
Deadline for Application: 
May 15 2013