PhD student in Mathematics

Peter Wall
Luleå Universtiy of Technology
Job Description: 

The division of Mathematical Sciences belongs to the department Engineering Sciences and Mathematics at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). At the moment there are about 30 senior researchers/teachers employed and around 8 PhD students. Research and postgraduate studies in mathematics are conducted primarily in partial differential equations and functional analysis with applications in e.g. tribology, fluid mechanics, composite mechanics and structural engineering. Research is also done in the fields of mathematical physics.


The current PhD position is directed toward homogenization, i.e. partial differential equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients. Such equations occur in a variety of areas of applications. The focus in this project is on flow in porous media.

The program is divided into two equal parts. One part consists of courses and the other of thesis work. The work will be done within the ongoing collaboration between the research groups in homogenization and fluid dynamics at LTU. Thus, there will be good opportunities to work both independently and in groups. The service includes also departmental work (about 20%). It consists mainly of teaching mathematics but other duties may occur.

Qualifications and selection criteria

You will find more information about this specific phD position:

See; General curricula for the Board of the faculty of science and technology

When basic and special eligibility requirements have been met, selection will be based on:

• Knowledge relevant to the project in question
• The quality of the applicant’s degree project
• Personal qualities relevant to education at post-graduate level.

For further information please contact Professor Peter Wall, Tel. +46 (0)920-49 20 18, E-mail: Union representatives can be reached through LTU's switchboard +46 (0)920-49 10 00.

We prefer that you apply for this position through our website
The application should include the following documents:
•Personal motivation letter
•University diplomas or corresponding
•Further information, e.g. letter of recommendation

It is also possible to apply if you send your application marked with reference number 1159-13 to Luleå University of Technology, Registrar, 971 87 Luleå, Sweden or

Deadline for applications: June 4, 2013

Ref no: 1159-13

In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

Job Categories: 
Graduate student fellowships
Deadline for Application: 
Jun 4 2013