Two tenure track professors in Dynamical Systems & Applications and Stochastics of Large Systems

Prof. dr. H.W. Broer
Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
The Netherlands
Job Description: 

One position is in Dynamical Systems and Applications in the broadest sense. The expertise may range from fundamental aspects to computational ones with applications in various application areas. The expertise may include elements of the disciplines Analysis, Geometry, Measure Theory and Computational Science. In particular this concerns Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Ergodic Theory, Numerical Mathematics and Fluid Dynamics. The theory aims at providing tools for the analysis of complex dynamics and at mathematically explaining the complexity hidden behind terms as unpredictability, chaos and turbulence. Here computational aspects can play an important role. Application areas are Mechanics (including Celestial Mechanics, e.g.), Physics, including Meteorology, Engineering, Life and Medical Sciences.

The other position concerns Stochastics of Large Systems that touches on the areas of Probability and Mathematical Physics. Large Systems with interactions occur in Statistical Physics and, generally, in coupled cell networks as these occur in Biology as well as in Medical, Economic and Social Sciences. Mathematical tools originate from Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Ergodic Theory and include Gibbs measures, interacting particle systems, graphs and network theory. The theory aims to explain global phenomena as emerging from the behaviour of local constituents.

The appointment will be on a temporary basis for a maximum of 6 years. On completion of 5 years of employment there will be an assessment of performance based on established criteria including research and teaching qualifications. If the outcome of the assessment is positive, the assistant professor will be promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure. At the end of a further 4-7 year period there will be another assessment aimed at a promotion to full professor.

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Job Categories: 
Tenure Track
Tenure Tack Assistent Professor Dynamical Systems and Applications; Tenure Tack Assistent Professor Stochastics of Large Systems
Deadline for Application: 
Jul 15 2013