Year of Mathematical Biology 2018

The year of Mathematical Biology 2018 is a joint venture of the European Mathematical Society (EMS) and the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB). The main objectives are to celebrate the huge increase and importance of applications of mathematics to biology and life sciences in the last years and to foster the feedback loop between life sciences and mathematics for years to come. Applications of mathematics in Biology are completely opening new pathways of interactions and they are a huge source of new mathematical problems.

An announcement for the ECTMB-2018, the joint conference ESMTB-EMS, can be seen here.

URGENT: Deadline for Minisymposium is November 15th, 2017.



Thematic Programs:

EMS-ESMTB main events:

Conferences and Workshops:


An organization committee for the Year of Mathematical Biology, joint EMS-ESMTB event, has been set up through the Applied Mathematics Committee of the EMS:


If you have any suggestions or ideas that you want to share with us, activities to be done, activities to be included or any queries, please contact any member of the committee.