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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSC Reviewer Reviewed Commentssort ascending
Ergodicité et équidistribution en courbure négative t. roblin 2003 société mathématique de france, paris: mémoires de la société mathématique de france, no. 95 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory vs 28 Sep 11 0
Introduction to the Fractional Calculus of Variations Agnieszka B. Malinowska, Delfim F. M. Torres 2012 imperial college press Salvador Jimenez 1 Dec 15 0
Tractability of Multivariate Problems, vol. I e. novak, h. woźniakowski 2008 european mathematical society 65 Numerical analysis mzah 15 Jun 11 0
Creators of mathematical and computational sciences Ravi Agarwal, Syamal Sen 2014 springer verlag 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 22 Dec 14 0
A short course in Differential Topology Bjorn Ian Dundas 2018 Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Textbooks 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds Jesus M. Ruiz 5 Nov 18 0
Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics Eugenia Cheng 2017 profile books 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 20 Apr 17 0
The Dynamical Yang-Baxter Equation, Representation Theory, and Quantum Integrable Systems p. etingof, f. latour 2005 oxford university press, oxford: oxford lecture series in mathematics 17 Nonassociative rings and algebras vs 21 Oct 11 0
Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups j. c. lennox, d. j. s. robinson 2004 clarendon press, oxford: oxford mathematical monographs 20 Group theory and generalizations tk 3 Oct 11 0
Topics on Analysis in Metric Spaces l. ambrosio, p. tilli 2004 oxford university press, oxford 28 Measure and integration jama 23 May 11 0
Smoothing and Decay Estimates for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations - Equations of Porous Medium Type j. l. vázquez 2006 oxford university press, oxford 35 Partial differential equations kapl 23 Oct 11 0
Totally Random Tanya Bub, Jeffrey Bub 2018 princeton university press 81 Quantum theory Adhemar Bultheel 26 Feb 19 0
Large Deviations for Stochastic Processes j. feng, t. g. kurtz 2006 american mathematical society 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes dhl 14 May 11 0
The Reidemeister Torsion of 3-Manifolds l. i. nicolaescu 2003 walter de gruyter 57 Manifolds and cell complexes jiva 12 Sep 11 0
Mathematical Geophysics - An Introduction to Rotating Fluids and the Navier-Stokes Equations j.-y. chemin, b. desjardins, i. gallagher, e. grenier 2006 clarendon press, oxford: oxford lecture series in mathematics 86 Geophysics jmal 23 Oct 11 0
Quasi-Stationary Phenomena in Nonlinearly Perturbed Stochastic Systems m. gyllenberg 2008 gruyter 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes vb 30 May 11 0
Global Analysis: Differential Forms in Analysis, Geometry and Physics i. agricola, t. friedrich 2002 american mathematical society 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds vs 8 Sep 11 0
Was zum Teufel ist Qualität? e. von collani, k. baur 2007 heldermann 62 Statistics sax 26 May 11 0
Handbook of Finite Translation Planes n. l. johnson, v. jha, m. biliotti 2007 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton: pure and applied mathematics, vol. 289 51 Geometry jtu 1 Oct 11 0
Numerical Analysis and Optimization. An introduction to mathematical modelling and numerical simulation g. allaire 2007 oxford university press 65 Numerical analysis mf 8 Jun 11 0
Geometry and its Applications in Arts, Nature and Technology georg glaeser 2012 springer verlag 51 Geometry Adhemar Bultheel 13 Feb 13 0
Groups: Topological, Combinatorial and Arithmetic Aspects t. w. müller, ed. 2004 cambridge university press, cambridge: london mathematical society lecture notes series 311 20 Group theory and generalizations vs 30 Sep 11 0
Combinatorial Number Theory b. landman, m. b. nathanson, j. nešetřil, r. j. nowakowski, c. pomerance 2007 walter de gruyter 11 Number theory mklaz 1 Jun 11 0
Conquest of the Plane thomas colignatus 2011 cool, t. (consultancy & econometrics) 97 Mathematics education Jose Manuel Gamboa 14 Oct 11 0
Triangle of Thoughts a. connes, a. lichnerowicz and m. p. schützenberger 2001 american mathematical society 00 General vs 15 Jun 11 0
Architecture and Mathematics from Antiquity to the Future Kim Williams, Michael J. Ostwald, (eds.) 2015 birkhäuser basel 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 23 Jun 15 0
Représentations p-adiques cristallines de de Rham dans le cas relatif o. brinon 2008 société mathématique de france 14 Algebraic geometry jnek 15 Jun 11 0
Holy Sci-Fi!: Where Science Fiction and Religion Intersect paul j. nahin 2014 springer verlag 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 12 Jun 14 0
The Joy of Mathematics alfred s. posamentier, Robert Geretschläger 2017 prometheus books 97 Mathematics education Adhemar Bultheel 8 Jan 18 0
Circularity. A Common Secret to Paradoxes, Scientific Revolutions and Humor Ron Aharoni 2016 world scientific 03 Mathematical logic and foundations Adhemar Bultheel 8 Aug 16 0
Six Themes on Variation r. hardt, ed. 2004 american mathematical society, providence: student mathematical library, vol. 26 49 Calculus of variations and optimal control vs 21 Oct 11 0
Fortran 95/2003 Explained m. metcalf, j. reid, m. cohen 2004 chapman & hall/crc 68 Computer science kzim 24 May 11 0
Heights in Diophantine Geometry e. bombieri, w. gubler 2007 cambridge university press, cambridge: new mathematical monographs 4 11 Number theory jnek 1 Oct 11 0
The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects volume 3 Jennifer Beineke, Jason Rosenhouse, (eds.) 2019 princeton university press 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 9 Sep 19 0
Surveys in Number Theory m. a. bennett, b. c. berndt, n. boston, h. g. diamond, a. j. hildebrand, w. philipp, eds 2002 peters, natick 11 Number theory spor 14 Jun 11 0
Introduction to Asymptotic Methods j. awrejcewicz, v.a. krysko 2006 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton 34 Ordinary differential equations jmal 23 Oct 11 0
Elementary probability d. stirzaker 2003 cambridge university press 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes br 12 Sep 11 0
Computable Functions a. shen, n.k. vereshchagin 2002 american mathematical society 03 Mathematical logic and foundations jmlč 10 Sep 11 0
Abelian Groups, Rings, Modules, and Homological Algebra p. goeters, o.m.g. jenda, eds. 2006 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton: a series of lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics, vol. 249 20 Group theory and generalizations jtrl 22 Oct 11 0
Functional Equations and Characterization Problems on Locally Compact Abelian Groups g. feldman 2008 european mathematical society, zürich: tracts in mathematics, vol. 5 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes jste 1 Oct 11 0
Where do numbers come from T.W. Körner 2019 cambridge university press 97 Mathematics education Adhemar Bultheel 25 Nov 19 0
Deformation Quantization g. halbout 2002 walter de gruyter, berlin 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds vs 16 Jun 11 0
Quadratic Algebras a. polishchuk, l. positselski 2005 american mathematical society, providence: university lecture series, vol. 37 16 Associative rings and algebras vs 23 Oct 11 0
Stochastic Processes and Functional Analysis. A Volume of Recent Advances in Honor of M.M. Rao a. c. krinik, r. j. swift 2004 marcel dekker 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes jste 1 Jun 11 0
Music and mathematics. From Pythagoras to fractals. john fauvel, raymond flood and robin wilson 2006 oxford university press 00 General Xavier Gràcia (Barcelona, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Classical and Celestial Mechanics: The Recife Lectures h. cabral, f. diacu, eds. 2002 princeton university press 70 Mechanics of particles and systems mzah 12 Sep 11 0
Systemes différentiels involutifs b. malgrange 2005 société mathématique de france, paris: panoramas et synthèses, no. 19 35 Partial differential equations vs 22 Oct 11 0
Global Methods for Combinatorial Isoperimetric Problems l. h. harper 2004 cambridge university press 05 Combinatorics ršam 29 May 11 0
Residually Weakly Primitive and Locally Two-Transitive Geometries for Sporadic Groups d. leemans 2008 académie royale de belgique 51 Geometry jtu 8 Jun 11 0
Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography d. hankerson, a. menezes, s. vanstone 2004 springer, new york 94 Information and communication, circuits tk 16 Jun 11 0
Jim Totten's Problems of the Week john grant mcloughlin, joseph khoury, bruce shawyer (eds.) 2013 world scientific 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 5 Nov 13 0


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