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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSC Reviewer Reviewed Commentssort ascending
Chaos - A Very Short Introduction l. smith 2007 oxford university press, oxford 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory lp 1 Oct 11 0
Calculus Reordered David M. Bressoud 2019 princeton university press 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 5 Aug 19 0
The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles s. grabarchuk, p. grabarchuk, s. grabarchuk jr. 2008 a.k. peters, wellesley 00 General mbec 1 Oct 11 0
Sets, Functions, and Logic: An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics k. devlin 2003 chapman & hall/crc 00 General emu 23 May 11 0
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Applications t. roubíček 2005 birkhäuser, basel: international series of numerical mathematics, vol. 153 35 Partial differential equations jomal 23 Oct 11 0
Introduction to Rare Event Simulation j. a. bucklew 2004 springer, new york: springer series in statistics 62 Statistics jant 22 Oct 11 0
The Principles of Newtonian and Quantum Mechanics: The Need for Planck's Constant, h m. a. de gosson 2001 imperial college press 70 Mechanics of particles and systems vs 15 Jun 11 0
Invisible in the storm: The role of mathematics in understanding weather ian roulstone & john norbury 2013 princeton university press 86 Geophysics Vicente Muñoz 5 Jun 13 0
Further Linear Algebra th. s. blyth, e. f. robertson 2002 springer undergraduate mathematics 15 Linear and multilinear algebra, matrix theory jtu 14 Jun 11 0
Journey through Mathematics. Creative Episodes in Its History enrique a. gonzález-velasco 2011 springer 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 9 Mar 12 0
Maximal Orders i. reiner 2003 clarendon press 16 Associative rings and algebras lbi 10 Sep 11 0
Figures for Fun: Stories, Puzzles and Conundrums Yakov Perelman 2015 Dover Publications 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 16 Nov 15 0
Turbulence p. a. davidson 2004 oxford university press 76 Fluid mechanics mzahr 16 Jun 11 0
André-Louis Cholesky claude brezinski, Dominique Tournès 2014 birkhäuser basel 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 20 Oct 14 0
Chases and Escapes. The Mathematics of Pursuit and Evasion p. j. nahin 2007 princeton university press, princeton 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences dpr 30 Sep 11 0
The History of the Priority Dispute between Newton and Leibniz Thomas Sonar 2018 Springer International Publishing / Birkhäuser Verlag 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 29 May 18 0


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