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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSC Reviewer Reviewed Commentssort descending
Borel Equivalence Relations. Structure and Classification v. kanovei 2008 american mathematical society 03 Mathematical logic and foundations psim 7 Jun 11 0
Mathematics Education in Korea Curricular and Teaching and Learning Practices edited by j. kim, i. han, m. park, j. k. lee. 2013 word scientific, singapore 97 Mathematics education Gómez-Chacón, I. Mª 31 Jan 14 0
Graph Theory and its Applications, second edition j.l. gross, j. yellen 2005 chapman & hall/crc 05 Combinatorics mmar 1 Jun 11 0
Floer Homology Groups in Yang-Mills Theory s. k. donaldson 2002 cambridge university press 53 Differential geometry jbu 15 Jun 11 0
Newton and the Origin of Civilization jed z. buchwald, mordechai feingold 2013 princeton university press 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 17 Dec 12 0
Differential Geometry with Applications to Mechanics and Physics y. talpaert 2001 marcel dekker, inc. 53 Differential geometry vs 10 Sep 11 0
Introduction to Symmetry Analysis b. j. cantwell 2002 cambridge university press 34 Ordinary differential equations mpok 14 Jun 11 0
Propriétés de l'intégrale de Cauchy Harish-Chandra pour certaines paires duales d'algebres de Lie f. bernon 2003 société mathématique de france 22 Topological groups, Lie groups vs 29 May 11 0
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance r. j. williams 2006 american mathematical society, providence: graduate studies in mathematics, vol. 72 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences zpr 23 Oct 11 0
Methods in Banach Space Theory j. m. f. castillo, w. b. johnson, eds. 2006 cambridge university press, cambridge: london mathematical society lecture note series 337 46 Functional analysis jl 30 Sep 11 0
Analysis II: Differential and Integral Calculus, Fourier Series, Holomorphic Functions r. godement 2005 springer, berlin: universitext 26 Real functions jive 22 Oct 11 0
Reverse Mathematics: Proofs from the Inside Out John Stillwell 2017 princeton university press 03 Mathematical logic and foundations Adhemar Bultheel 26 Jan 18 0
Graphs and Homomorphisms p. hell, j. nešetřil: 2004 oxford university press, oxford: oxford lecture series in mathematics and its applications 28 05 Combinatorics jk 28 Sep 11 0
Solving Polynomial Equation Systems I: The Kronecker-Duval Philosophy t. mora 2003 cambridge university press 12 Field theory and polynomials lber 12 Sep 11 0
Calculating the Cosmos. How Mathematics Unveils the Universe ian stewart 2016 profile books 85 Astronomy and astrophysics Adhemar Bultheel 23 Sep 16 0
A First Course in Network Theory Ernesto Estrada, Philip Knight 2015 oxford university press 97 Mathematics education Adhemar Bultheel 31 Dec 15 0
Cracktip is a Global Mumford-Shah Minimizer a. bonnet, g. david 2001 société mathématique de france 49 Calculus of variations and optimal control jama 4 Sep 11 0
Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems m. chipot, j. escher, eds. 2005 birkhäuser, basel: progress in nonlinear differential equations and their applications, vol. 64 35 Partial differential equations dpr 21 Oct 11 0
Alan Turing: The Enigma Andrew Hodges 2014 princeton university press 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 2 Jan 15 0
Statistical Information. Assumption-Based Statistical Inference j. kohlas, p.-a. monney 2008 heldermann 62 Statistics mahus 18 May 11 0
Golden Years of Moscow Mathematics, second edition s. zdravkovska, p. l. duren, eds. 2007 american mathematical society, providence: history of mathematics, vol. 6 01 History and biography mbec 1 Oct 11 0
Lectures on Kähler Geometry a. moroianu 2007 cambridge university press 53 Differential geometry vs 8 Jun 11 0
The nature of mathematical proof a. bundy, d. mackenzie, m. atiyah, a. macintyre etal. 2005 philos. trans. r. soc. lond. ser. a math. phys. eng. sci 03 Mathematical logic and foundations Antonio Córdoba (UA Madrid, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Calculus Reordered David M. Bressoud 2019 princeton university press 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 5 Aug 19 0
Gödel's Theorem. An Incomplete Guide to its Use and Abuse t. franzén 2005 a.k. peters, wellesley 00 General akč 30 Sep 11 0
Grammars and Automata for String Processing: From Mathematics and Computer Science to Biology, and back c. martín-vide, v. mitrana 2003 taylor & francis 68 Computer science pku 15 Jun 11 0
Invisible in the storm: The role of mathematics in understanding weather ian roulstone & john norbury 2013 princeton university press 86 Geophysics Vicente Muñoz 5 Jun 13 0
A First Graduate Course in Abstract Algebra w. j. wickless 2004 marcel dekker 12 Field theory and polynomials jtu 1 Jun 11 0
Soliton Equations and Their Algebro-Geometric Solutions, vol. II f. gesztesy, h. holden, j. michor, g. teschl 2008 cambridge university press 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory vs 15 Jun 11 0
Journey through Mathematics. Creative Episodes in Its History enrique a. gonzález-velasco 2011 springer 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 9 Mar 12 0
Arc Spaces and Additive Invariants in Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry m. coste, t. fukui, k. kurdyka, c. mccrory, a. parusiński, l. paunescu 2007 société mathématique de france 14 Algebraic geometry vs 30 May 11 0
Lie Algebras and Algebraic Groups p. tauvel, r. w. t. yu 2005 springer, berlin: springer monographs in mathematics 17 Nonassociative rings and algebras vs 23 Oct 11 0
Stochastic Approximation. A Dynamical Systems Viewpoint v. s. borkar 2008 cambridge university press 62 Statistics vdup 26 May 11 0
Mathematical Olympiad in China xiong bin, lee peng yee, eds. 2007 world scientific, singapore 97 Mathematics education mbec 30 Sep 11 0
A Concrete Introduction to Real Analysis r. carlson 2006 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton: pure and applied mathematics, vol. 280 26 Real functions pp 23 Oct 11 0
Alexandre Grothendieck: A mathematical profile Leila Schneps (Editor) 2014 International Press 01 History and biography Jesus M. Ruiz 31 Dec 18 0
Challenges in Geometry For Mathematical Olympians Past and Present c. j. bradley 2005 oxford university press, oxford 11 Number theory lbo 30 Sep 11 0
Large Truncated Toeplitz Matrices, Toeplitz Operators, and Related Topics Dario A. Bini, Torsten Ehrhardt, Alexei Yu. Karlovich, Ilya Matvey Spitkovsky, (eds.) 2017 birkhäuser basel 47 Operator theory Adhemar Bultheel 20 May 17 0
Completely Bounded Maps and Operator Algebras v. paulsen 2003 cambridge university press 47 Operator theory jmil 10 Sep 11 0
Singularités Franco-Japonaises j.-p. brasselet, t. suwa, eds. 2005 société mathématique de france, paris: séminaires & congres collection smf no. 10 14 Algebraic geometry jiva 21 Oct 11 0
How Euler Did Even More C. Edward Sandifer 2015 MAA; Cambridge University Press 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 20 Jul 15 0
Orthogonal Polynomials: Computation and Approximation w. gautschi 2004 oxford university press 42 Fourier analysis knaj 23 May 11 0
On Mapping Properties of the General Relativistic Constraints Operator in Weighted Function Spaces with Applications p. t. chruściel, e. delay 2003 société mathématique de france 83 Relativity and gravitational theory vs 16 Jun 11 0
A Course in Ordinary Differential Equations r. j. swift, s. a. wirkus 2006 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton 34 Ordinary differential equations tba 1 Oct 11 0
Discrete or Continuous? The Quest for Fundamental Length in Modern Physics Amit Hagar 2014 cambridge university press 83 Relativity and gravitational theory Adhemar Bultheel 17 Jul 14 0
Messen und Zählen. Eine Einfache Konstruktion der Reellen Zahlen w. rautenberg 2007 heldermann 00 General asl 30 May 11 0
Corings and Comodules t. brzezinski, r. wisbauer 2003 cambridge university press 16 Associative rings and algebras jtrl 12 Sep 11 0
The call of the primes Owen O'Shea 2016 prometheus books 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 7 May 16 0
Actes des journées mathématiques à la mémoire de Jean Leray l. guillopé, d. robert 2004 société mathématique de france, paris: séminaires & congres 00 General jsta 21 Oct 11 0
Topological and Symbolic Dynamics p. kůrka 2003 société mathématique de france 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory mih 23 May 11 0