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Please send books to the individual reviewers that asked for an EMS review copy.
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Facultad de Ciencias Matematicas
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Plaza de Ciencias, 3
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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSC Reviewer Reviewed Comments
Recent Advances in Lie Theory, Research and Exposition in Mathematics, vol. 25 i. bajo, e. sanmartín 2002 heldermann, lemgo 22 Topological groups, Lie groups jbu 11 May 11 0
Rational Points on Modular Elliptic Curves henri darmon 2004 cbms regional conference series 11 Number theory Victor Rotger Cerdá (Barcelona, Spain) 9 May 11 0
Wave Equations on Lorentzian Manifolds and Quantization c. bär, n. ginoux, f. pfäffle 2007 european mathematical society 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds skr 8 May 11 0
Elementary Geometry i. agricola, t. friedrich 2008 american mathematical society 51 Geometry 8 May 11 0
Orbifolds and Stringy Topology a. adem, j. leida, y. ruan 2007 cambridge university press 57 Manifolds and cell complexes pso 8 May 11 0
Music and mathematics. From Pythagoras to fractals. john fauvel, raymond flood and robin wilson 2006 oxford university press 00 General Xavier Gràcia (Barcelona, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Physical and Numerical Models in Knot Theory - Including Applications to the Life Sciences j.a. calvo, k.c. millett, e.j. rawdon and a. stasiak 2005 series on knots and everything - vol. 36 57 Manifolds and cell complexes Christophe Letellier (Rouen, France) 8 May 11 0
Lectures on Algebraic Topology sergey v. matveev 2006 ems series of lectures in mathematics 55 Algebraic topology Aniceto Murillo (Màlaga, Spain) 8 May 11 0
The nature of mathematical proof a. bundy, d. mackenzie, m. atiyah, a. macintyre etal. 2005 philos. trans. r. soc. lond. ser. a math. phys. eng. sci 03 Mathematical logic and foundations Antonio Córdoba (UA Madrid, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Kurt Gödel. Das Album - The Album karl sigmund, john dawson, kurt mühlberger 2006 vieweg und sohn verlag 01 History and biography Ralf Schindler (Münster, Germany) 8 May 11 0
Optimization: Insights and Applications j. brinkhuis, v. tikhomirov 2005 princeton series in applied mathematics 49 Calculus of variations and optimal control Miguel A. Goberna (Alicante, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Mathematics for Finance: An Introduction to Financial Engineering marek capiński, tomasz zastawniak 2003 springer undergraduate mathematical series 90 Operations research, mathematical programming Pablo Fernández Gallardo (Madrid, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Difference Methods for Singular Perturbation Problems g. i. shishkin, l. p. shishkina 2008 chapman & hall/crc, crc press, boca raton 65 Numerical analysis Martin Raussen 16 Mar 11 0
Complex Analysis with Mathematica + CD w. t. shaw 2006 cambridge university press, cambridge 30 Functions of a complex variable Martin Raussen 16 Mar 11 0
Advances in Algebra and Combinatorics k. p. shum et al., eds. 2008 world scientific, new jersey 05 Combinatorics Martin Raussen 16 Mar 11 0