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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSCsort ascending Reviewer Reviewed Comments
Henri Poincaré: A scientific biography. Jeremy Gray 2013 princeton university press 12 Feb 16 0
Quadratic Irrationals. An Introduction to Classical Number Theory. Franz Halter-Koch 2013 crc press 13 Sep 14 0
Introduction to Topology Tej Bahadur SINGH 2019 springer Francisco Gallego Lupianez 5 Sep 19 0
Undergraduate Algebra: A unified approach Matej Bresar 2019 springer lcatalano 1 Jul 19 0
Mathematics in Ancient Egypt-A Contextual History ANNETTE IMHAUSEN 2016 princeton university press, princeton Raquel Díaz 18 Jul 17 0
An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography James S. Kraft, Lawrence C. Washington 2014 chapman & hall/crc press, boca raton: research notes in mathematics, vol. 436 30 Sep 14 0
Math & Science Games Wee Khee Seah, Li Yand Ng, Ying Zhen Ang, Reico Ng 2013 world scientific Raquel Díaz 19 Apr 15 0
TENSORS AND RIEMANNIAN GEOMETRY. With applications to Differential Equations Nail H. Ibragimov 2015 de gruyter Marco Castrillon Lopez 6 May 16 0
Wetting of Real Surfaces Edward Yu Bormashenko 2013 Walter de Gruyter Berlin-Boston. Marco Castrillon Lopez 13 Sep 17 0
Count like an Egyptian David Reimer 2014 princeton Raquel Díaz 15 Jul 14 0
The tangled origins of the Leibnizian Calculus 2012 world scientific Juan Tarres Freixenet 20 Jun 16 0
SPIN GLASSES AND COMPLEXITY Daniel L. Stein, Charles M. Newman 2013 princeton university press Marco Castrillon Lopez 1 Dec 14 0
Partial Differential Equations. An introduction to Theory and Applications Michael Shearer, Rachel Levy 2015 princeton university press José Luis Guijarro Regalado 9 Mar 16 0
An Informal Introduction to stochastic Calculus with Applications Ovidiu Calin 2015 World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Marco Castrillon Lopez 18 Aug 17 0
Distributions theory Guerrit van Dijk 2013 de gruyter Francisco L. Hernandez 14 Jul 14 1


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