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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSC Reviewer Reviewed Commentssort descending
The “Golden” Non-Euclidean Geometry Alexey Stakhov, Samuil Aranson, Scott Olsen 2016 world scientific 11 Number theory Adhemar Bultheel 23 Sep 16 0
Algebraic Transformation Groups and Algebraic Varieties v. l. popov, ed. 2004 springer, berlin: encyclopaedia of mathematical sciences, vol. 132 14 Algebraic geometry jbu 28 Sep 11 0
Absolute Measurable Spaces t. nishiura 2008 cambridge university press 54 General topology phol 30 May 11 0
Geometric Aspects of Dwork Theory, vol. I, II a. adolphson et al., eds. 2004 walter de gruyter, berlin 14 Algebraic geometry spor 21 Oct 11 0
Naive Decision Making. Mathematics Applied to the Social World t. w. körner 2008 cambridge university press 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences tc 28 May 11 0
Simple Extensions with the Minimum Degree Relations of Integral Domains s. oda, k. yoshida 2007 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton: lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics, vol. 253 13 Commutative rings and algebras 1 Oct 11 0
Quantitative Analysis of Metastability in Reversible Diffusion Processes Via a Witten Complex Approach - The Case with Boundary b. helffer, f. nier 2006 société mathématique de france 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds vs 8 Jun 11 0
Operational Calculus and Related Topics h.-j. glaeske, a. p. prudnikov, k. a. skornik 2006 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton: analytical methods and special functions, vol. 10 44 Integral transforms, operational calculus apr 23 Oct 11 0
The Porous Medium Equation - Mathematical Theory j. l. vázquez 2006 oxford university press 35 Partial differential equations jomal 1 Jun 11 0
Organizational Principles for Multi-Agent Architectures c. van aart 2004 birkhäuser, basel: whitestein series in software agent technologies 68 Computer science mzeml 22 Oct 11 0
Topological Library. Volume III. Spectral Sequences in Topology editors: s.p. novikov & i.a. taimanov 2012 world scientific 55 Algebraic topology Vicente Muñoz 3 Nov 13 0
The Wave Difracted by a Wedge with Mixed Boundary Conditions o. lafitte 2002 société mathématique de france 35 Partial differential equations dp 15 Jun 11 0
Henri Poincaré, impatient genius ferdinand verhulst 2012 springer verlag 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 5 Oct 12 0
Singular Limits in Thermodynamics of Viscous Fluids e. feireisl, a. novotný 2009 birkhäuser 35 Partial differential equations mpok 15 Jun 11 0
Linear Canonical Transforms John J. Healy, M. Alper Kutay, Haldun M. Ozaktas, John T. Sheridan, (eds.) 2015 springer verlag 78 Optics, electromagnetic theory Adhemar Bultheel 9 Feb 16 0
Smooth Manifolds and Observables j. nestruev 2003 springer 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds vs 12 Sep 11 0
Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications (2nd ed.) Lokenath Debnath, Firdous Shah 2014 birkhäuser basel 42 Fourier analysis Adhemar Bultheel 4 Feb 15 0
Game Theory, Optimal Stopping, Probability and Statistics f. t. bruss, l. le cam 2003 institute of mathematical statistics 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences mah 4 Sep 11 0
Elementary Algebraic Geometry k. hulek 2003 american mathematical society 14 Algebraic geometry jbu 23 May 11 0
Giovanni Battista Guccia. Pioneer of International Cooperation in Mathematics Benedetto Bongiorno, Guillermo P. Curbera 2018 Springer International Publishing 01 History and biography Ángeles Prieto 29 Jan 19 0
Nets, Puzzles, and Postmen. An Exploration of Mathematical Connections p. m. higgins 2007 oxford university press, oxford 05 Combinatorics mbec 1 Oct 11 0
The Structure of Models of Peano Arithmetic r. kossak, j. schmerl 2006 oxford university press 00 General jmlc 1 Jun 11 0
The Canterbury Puzzles Henry Dudeney 2017 Penguin / Michael Joseph 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 23 Jun 17 0
Éléments de la théorie des systèmes différentiels géométriques p. maisonobe, l. narváez macarro, eds. 2004 société mathématique de france, paris: séminaires et congrès, no. 8 32 Several complex variables and analytic spaces vs 30 Sep 11 0
Methods and Applications of White Noise Analysis in Interdisciplinary Sciences Christopher C. Bernido, M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido 2015 world scientific 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes Adhemar Bultheel 5 Mar 15 0
Wavelets Through a Looking Glass o. bratteli, p. jorgensen 2002 birkhäuser 42 Fourier analysis knaj 8 Sep 11 0
Graph Directed Markov Systems: Geometry and Dynamics of Limit Sets r. d. mauldin, m. urbański 2003 cambridge university press 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory mzahr 23 May 11 0
Eigenvalues of matrices / Françoise Chatelin, with exercises by Mario Ahués and Françoise Chatelin françoise chatelin. with exercises by mario ahués, françoise chatelin. translated with additional material by walter ledermannf 2012 philadelphia: siam, society for industrial and applied mathematics 15 Linear and multilinear algebra, matrix theory Jose F. Fernando 7 Feb 14 0
Complex Analysis and CR Geometry g. zampieri 2008 american mathematical society 32 Several complex variables and analytic spaces vtu 8 Jun 11 0
The Great Formal Machinery Works Jan von Plato 2017 princeton university press 68 Computer science Adhemar Bultheel 20 Sep 17 0
Inside Out. Inverse Problems and Applications g. uhlmann, ed. 2003 cambridge university press, cambridge: msri publications, vol. 47 78 Optics, electromagnetic theory mzahr 30 Sep 11 0
Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle. Part 1: Classical Theory b. simon 2005 american mathematical society 42 Fourier analysis knaj 1 Jun 11 0
The Population Explosion and Other Mathematical Puzzles Dick Hess 2016 world scientific 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 29 May 16 0
Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry o. druet, e. hebey, f. robert 2004 princeton university press, princeton 58 Global analysis, analysis on manifolds jmale 28 Sep 11 0
Topology and Groupoids r. brown 2006 booksurge llc 55 Algebraic topology mihus 30 May 11 0
Italian Mathematics Between the Two World Wars a. gueraggio, p. nastasi 2005 birkhäuser, basel 01 History and biography asl 21 Oct 11 0
The Mathematics of Voting and Apportionment Sherif El-Helaly 2019 Springer Nature/ Birkhäuser 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences Adhemar Bultheel 1 Jul 19 0
Introduction to Group Theory o. bogopolski 2008 european mathematical society, zürich: ems textbooks in mathematics 20 Group theory and generalizations ad 1 Oct 11 0
Stable Domination and Independence in Algebraically Closed Valued Fields d. haskell, e. hrushovski, d. macpherson 2008 cambridge university press 03 Mathematical logic and foundations jmlc 7 Jun 11 0
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance r. j. williams 2006 american mathematical society, providence: graduate studies in mathematics, vol. 72 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences zpr 23 Oct 11 0
Exact Solutions and Invariant Subspaces of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Mechanics and Physics v.a. galaktionov, s.r. svirshchevskii 2006 chapman & hall/crc 35 Partial differential equations jmil 1 Jun 11 0
Analysis II: Differential and Integral Calculus, Fourier Series, Holomorphic Functions r. godement 2005 springer, berlin: universitext 26 Real functions jive 22 Oct 11 0
Graphs, networks and algorithms dieter jungnickel 2013 springer science + business media.birkhÄuser. springer heidelberg new york dordrecht london.2013. 4th edition, xx, 675 p. 211 illustrations.hardcover. 05 Combinatorics Francisco José Cano Sevilla 29 Apr 13 0
De la méthode. Recherches en histoire et philosophie des mathématiques m. bitbol et al. 2002 presses universitaires franc-comtoises 01 History and biography mnem 15 Jun 11 0
Numerical Analysis (second edition) walter gautschi 2012 birkhäuser 65 Numerical analysis Adhemar Bultheel 17 Feb 12 0
Advances in Algebra and Combinatorics k. p. shum 2008 world scientific 05 Combinatorics jtu 15 Jun 11 0
A Brief History of Numbers Leo Corry 2015 oxford university press 11 Number theory Adhemar Bultheel 8 Sep 15 0
Torus Actions and Their Applications in Topology and Combinatorics v. m. buchstaber, t. e. panov 2002 american mathematical society 52 Convex and discrete geometry jneš 12 Sep 11 0
Mythematics: Solving the Twelve Labors of Hercules Michael Huber 2014 princeton university press 97 Mathematics education Adhemar Bultheel 21 Sep 14 0
Basic Hypergeometric Series g. gasper, m. rahman 2004 cambridge university press, cambridge 33 Special Functions jd 16 Jun 11 0