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Book Review Manual

Book title Author Published Publisher MSC Reviewer Reviewed Commentssort descending
Math and the Mona Lisa. The Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci Bülent Atalay 2014 Smithsonian Books / Random House 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 13 Aug 14 0
Equivariant Degree Theory j. ize, a. vignoli 2003 walter de gruyter 47 Operator theory dpr 12 Sep 11 0
Lectures in Logic and set Theory; vol. II: Set Theory g. tourlakis: 2003 cambridge university press 03 Mathematical logic and foundations psim 17 Jun 11 0
Mr Hopkins’ Men. Cambridge Reform and British Mathematics in the 19th Century a. d. d. craik 2007 springer, berlin 01 History and biography mbec 30 Sep 11 0
The Dynamical Yang-Baxter Equation, Representation Theory, and Quantum Integrable Systems p. etingof, f. latour 2005 oxford university press, oxford: oxford lecture series in mathematics 17 Nonassociative rings and algebras vs 21 Oct 11 0
A Posteriori Estimates for Partial Differential Equations s. repin 2008 gruyter 65 Numerical analysis pkap 8 Jun 11 0
Theory of Neural Information Processing Systems a. c. c. coolen, r. kühn, p. sollich 2005 oxford university press, oxford 68 Computer science imr 30 Sep 11 0
Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups j. c. lennox, d. j. s. robinson 2004 clarendon press, oxford: oxford mathematical monographs 20 Group theory and generalizations tk 3 Oct 11 0
Weird maths. At the edge of infinity and beyond David Darling, Agnijo Banerjee 2018 basic books 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 5 Feb 19 0
Mathematical Problems of General Relativity I d. christodoulou 2008 european mathematical society 83 Relativity and gravitational theory skr 7 Jun 11 0
Smoothing and Decay Estimates for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations - Equations of Porous Medium Type j. l. vázquez 2006 oxford university press, oxford 35 Partial differential equations kapl 23 Oct 11 0
Codes and Ciphers. Julius Caesar, the Enigma and the internet r. churchhouse 2002 cambridge university press 94 Information and communication, circuits jtu 15 Jun 11 0
Unsolved! Craig P. Bauer 2017 princeton university press 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 28 Jun 17 0
Topological Library. Volume III. Spectral Sequences in Topology editors: s.p. novikov & i.a. taimanov 2012 world scientific 55 Algebraic topology Vicente Muñoz 3 Nov 13 0
Mathematical Geophysics - An Introduction to Rotating Fluids and the Navier-Stokes Equations j.-y. chemin, b. desjardins, i. gallagher, e. grenier 2006 clarendon press, oxford: oxford lecture series in mathematics 86 Geophysics jmal 23 Oct 11 0
An Introduction to Involutive Structures s. berhanu, p.d. cordaro, j. hounie 2008 cambridge university press 35 Partial differential equations vs 15 Jun 11 0
Hyperspace Michio Kaku 2016 oxford university press 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 2 May 16 0
Henri Poincaré, impatient genius ferdinand verhulst 2012 springer verlag 01 History and biography Adhemar Bultheel 5 Oct 12 0
Linear Canonical Transforms John J. Healy, M. Alper Kutay, Haldun M. Ozaktas, John T. Sheridan, (eds.) 2015 springer verlag 78 Optics, electromagnetic theory Adhemar Bultheel 9 Feb 16 0
Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Wavelets m. a. pinsky 2009 american mathematical society 42 Fourier analysis knaj 30 May 11 0
From Strange Simplicity to Complex Familiarity Manfred Eigen 2013 oxford university press 92 Biology and other natural sciences, behavioral sciences Adhemar Bultheel 9 May 19 0
Data Depth - Robust Multivariate Analysis, Computational Geometry and Applications r. y. liu, r. serfling, d. l. souvaine 2006 american mathematical society 62 Statistics dhl 18 May 11 0
Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications (2nd ed.) Lokenath Debnath, Firdous Shah 2014 birkhäuser basel 42 Fourier analysis Adhemar Bultheel 4 Feb 15 0
Computer Arithmetic and Validity. Theory, Implementation, and Applications u. kulisch 2008 de gruyter 65 Numerical analysis knaj 28 May 11 0
Lectures on Algebraic Topology sergey v. matveev 2006 ems series of lectures in mathematics 55 Algebraic topology Aniceto Murillo (Màlaga, Spain) 8 May 11 0
Designing Beauty: The Art of Cellular Automata Andrew Adamatzky, Genaro J. Martínez, (eds.) 2016 springer verlag 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory Adhemar Bultheel 21 Mar 16 0
Ou en sont les mathématiques? j.-m. kantor (ed.) 2002 sociéte mathématique de france 00 General vs 8 Sep 11 0
Chaotic Dynamics Geoffrey R. Goodson 2017 cambridge university press 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory Adhemar Bultheel 1 Jul 19 0
Dynamics of Infinite-dimensional Groups. The Ramsey-Dvoretzky-Milman Phenomenon v. pestov 2006 american mathematical society 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory vs 18 May 11 0
Methods and Applications of White Noise Analysis in Interdisciplinary Sciences Christopher C. Bernido, M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido 2015 world scientific 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes Adhemar Bultheel 5 Mar 15 0
Emmy Noether m. b. w. tent 2008 a. k. peters 01 History and biography mbec 28 May 11 0
Spectre automorphe des variétés hyperboliques et applications topologiques n. bergeron, l. clozel 2005 société mathématique de france 11 Number theory pso 14 May 11 0
Eigenvalues of matrices / Françoise Chatelin, with exercises by Mario Ahués and Françoise Chatelin françoise chatelin. with exercises by mario ahués, françoise chatelin. translated with additional material by walter ledermannf 2012 philadelphia: siam, society for industrial and applied mathematics 15 Linear and multilinear algebra, matrix theory Jose F. Fernando 7 Feb 14 0
Completely Bounded Maps and Operator Algebras v. paulsen 2003 cambridge university press 47 Operator theory jmil 10 Sep 11 0
On Mapping Properties of the General Relativistic Constraints Operator in Weighted Function Spaces with Applications p. t. chruściel, e. delay 2003 société mathématique de france 83 Relativity and gravitational theory vs 16 Jun 11 0
Kobayashi-Hitchin Correspondence for Tame Harmonic Bundles and an Application t. mochizuki 2006 société mathématique de france, paris: astérisque, no. 309 14 Algebraic geometry vs 30 Sep 11 0
Sums of Squares of Integers moreno, s. s. wagstaff, jr. 2005 chapman & hall/crc, boca raton: discrete mathematics and its applications 11 Number theory spor 21 Oct 11 0
Fredholm operators and Einstein metrics on conformally compact manifolds j. m. lee 2006 american mathematical society 53 Differential geometry vs 8 Jun 11 0
Lectures on Partial Hyperbolicity and Stable Ergodicity y. pesin 2004 european mathematical society/sfg, zürich: zürich lectures in advanced mathematics 37 Dynamical systems and ergodic theory jmil 28 Sep 11 0
Functional Equations and Characterization Problems on Locally Compact Abelian Groups g. feldman 2008 european mathematical society, zürich: tracts in mathematics, vol. 5 60 Probability theory and stochastic processes jste 1 Oct 11 0
Recent Progress in Multivariate Approximation: 4th International Conference w. haussmann, k. jetter, m. reimer 2000 witten-bommerholz (germany) 65 Numerical analysis knaj 16 Jun 11 0
Infinity: A Very Short Introduction ian stewart 2017 oxford university press 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 3 Apr 18 0
Combinatorial Games. Tic-Tac-Toe Theory j. beck 2008 cambridge university press 91 Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences tval 6 Jun 11 0
Quadratic Algebras a. polishchuk, l. positselski 2005 american mathematical society, providence: university lecture series, vol. 37 16 Associative rings and algebras vs 23 Oct 11 0
A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra v. shoup 2008 cambridge university press 11 Number theory pso 15 Jun 11 0
The Pythagorean World Jane McDonnell 2016 Palgrave Macmillan / Springer Nature 00 General Adhemar Bultheel 9 Feb 17 0
Graphs, networks and algorithms dieter jungnickel 2013 springer science + business media.birkhÄuser. springer heidelberg new york dordrecht london.2013. 4th edition, xx, 675 p. 211 illustrations.hardcover. 05 Combinatorics Francisco José Cano Sevilla 29 Apr 13 0
Systemes différentiels involutifs b. malgrange 2005 société mathématique de france, paris: panoramas et synthèses, no. 19 35 Partial differential equations vs 22 Oct 11 0
Difference Methods for Singular Perturbation Problems g. i. shishkin, l. p. shishkina 2008 chapman & hall/crc 65 Numerical analysis oj 8 Jun 11 0
Metric Structures in Differential Geometry g. walschap 2004 springer 53 Differential geometry ok 1 Jun 11 0


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