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The Ethics Committee focuses on promoting ethical behaviour in mathematical research, publication, and related matters. It will challenge unethical behaviour which includes, for example, plagiarism, duplicate publication, inadequate citations, inflated self-citations, dishonest refereeing, failing to address conflicts of interest or incorrect handling of submissions. The Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. To raise awareness of ethical issues in mathematics.
  2. To maintain and update the Code of Practice and related documents.
  3. To encourage journals and publishers to respond to allegations of unethical behaviour in a conscientious manner.
  4. To provide a mechanism whereby researchers can ask the Committee to help them pursue claims of unethical behaviour.

The Committee may take up any other relevant questions related to ethics in connection with its work.

If you think you are a victim of unethical behaviour as described in the Code of Practice or the EMS Policy on Conflicts of Interest, you may contact the Chair of the Committee, Stefan Jackowski.

Code of Practice


Comments by the Committee on the Code of Practice

Internal policy on conflicts of interest of the EMS Ethics Committee

The founding of the Committee

Committee Members: 
2018 to 2021
2017 to 2020
2019 to 2022
2018 to 2021
2018 to 2021
2014 to 2021

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