EMS Summer schools in pure and applied mathematics

First series (2004–2005) and Second series (2006–2008)

Evolution equations and applications, 4.7.–24.7.2004, Cortona, Italy, 36 participants
Analysis on metric measure spaces, 15.7.–23.7.2004, Bedlewo, Poland, 61 participants
Séminaire Européen de Statistique: The statistics of spatio-temporal systems, 12.12.–19.12.2004, Munich, Germany, 40 participants
Braid groups – Applications to geometry, cryptography and computation, 19.2.–27.2.2005, Eilat, Israel, 30 participants
Subdivision schemes in geometric modelling, theory and applications, 25.6.–2.7.2005, Pontignano, Italy, 50 participants
European young statisticians training camp to the 25th European Meeting of Statisticians, 17.7.–23.7.2005, Oslo, Norway, 101 participants
Recent trends of combinatorics in the mathematical context, 13.9.–23.9.2005, Barcelona, Spain, 57 participants
Séminaire Européen de Statistique: Statistics in genetics and molecular biology, 11.9.–18.9.2005, Warwick, UK, 52 participants
Braid groups – Applications to geometry, cryptography and computation – Second Phase, 23.9.–2.10.2005, Eilat, Israel, 39 participants
GAEL – Géométrie algébrique en liberté, 5.3.–11.3.2006, Bedlewo, Poland, 48 participants
Mathematical model of the heart, 5.5.–12.5.2006, Longyearbyen, Norway, 36 participants
Combinatorics, automata and number theory, 8.5.–19.5.2006, Liège, Belgium, 96 participants
Arithmetic and geometry around quantisation, 5.6.–15.6.2006, Istanbul, Turkey, 52 participants
Horizon of combinatorics, 10.7.–22.7.2006, Budapest, Hungary, 142 participants
Recent developments in the arithmetic of Shimura varieties and Arakelov geometry, 10.7.–15.7.2006, Barcelona, Spain, 71 participants
A geometric approach to free boundary problems, 2.7.–23.7.2006, Cortona, Italy, 25 participants
Mathematics in molecular cell biology, 10.9.–23.9.2006, Linz, Austria, 70 participants
Séminaire Européen de Statistique: Statistics for stochastic differential equations models, 6.5.–12.5.2007, Cartagena, Spain, 49 participants
Geometric analysis and nonlinear partial differential equations, 3.6.–10.6.2007, Bedlewo, Poland, 66 participants
Mathematical and numerical methods for the cardiovascular system, 16.8.–31.8.2008, Cortona, Italy, 32 participants
Mathematical models in the manufacturing of glass, polymers and textiles, 8.9.– 19.9.2008, Montecatini, Italy, 41 participants
Risk theory and related topics, 28.9.–8.10.2008, Bedlewo, Poland, 77 participants

The total number of participants for the programme of 22 summer schools organized in the years 2004–2008 amounts to 1271. The total cost of the summer schools amounted to 1.055 k€ contributed by the European Union under the 6th framework.