European Funding Programmes and Calls

The European Union has many ways of funding research and it is now developing its the 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7). It runs various programmes which are described below.

The ERC (European Research Council) supports excellency in science though grants (Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants and Synergy grants).

The ESF (European Science Foundation) provides a common platform for its Member Organisations in order to:

• advance European research
• explore new directions for research at the European level 

It funds different activities, including conferences and various kinds of networks and programmes. 
Mathematics is part of PESC (Physical and Engineering Sciences) and at this address one can find the calls that are currently open in this area.

Calls take place regularly: see below for a description of the ESF programmes and the calls page.

EUROPEAN UNION FP7 funding Programmes

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Among others, the European Union runs the following programmes:

PEOPLE, a regrouped and reinforced version of the "Marie Curie" programme, entirely dedicated to human resources in research. This programme will be implemented through actions under five headings:

  • Initial training of researchers to improve mostly young researchers.
  • Life-long training and career development.
  • Industry-academia pathways and partnerships.
  • International dimension.
  • Specific actions,  to support removing obstacles to mobility and enhancing the career perspectives of researchers in Europe.

-- IDEAS, to reinforce excellence, dynamism and creativity in European research and improve the attractiveness of Europe for the best researchers from both European and third countries, as well as for industrial research investment, by providing a Europe-wide competitive funding structure, in addition to and not replacing national funding, for ‘frontier research’ executed by individual teams. Communication and dissemination of research results is an important aspect of this programme.
A European Research Council to support science and scholarship.

The IDEAS Programme is implemented by the European Research Council (ERC). 
Its Website contains information about the recent calls (panels, chairs, number of proposals submitted, etc)

-- CAPACITIES, aiming to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe and ensure their optimal use. The Capacities programme is provided with a budget of EUR 4 097 million to operate in seven broad areas:

  • Research infrastructures
  • Research for the benefit of SMEs
  • Regions of knowledge and support for regional research-driven clusters
  • Research potential of Convergence Regions
  • Science in society
  • Support to the coherent development of research policies
  • International cooperation

-- COOPERATION, which aims at supporting all types of research activities carried out by different research bodies in trans-national cooperation and aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas.

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The ERC runs four types of programs to support excellent research for individuals and projects.

  1. Starting Grants, to support top researchers with 2 to 7 years of experience after their PhD.
  2. Consolidator Grants, to support top researchers with 7 to 12 years of experience after their PhD.
  3. Advanced Grants, open to excellent researchers who have a recent research track-record which identifies them as leaders in their respective field of research. 
  4. Synergy Grants, pilot scheme for small groups of excellent researchers.



The ESF runs the following programmes:   

Current ESF Research Networking Programmes in Physical and Engineering Sciences (PESC)

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