Workshop: "Data Driven Operations Mangament"

Monday, October 24, 2016 (All day) to Wednesday, October 26, 2016 (All day)

We identify a noticeable paradigm shift in operations management problems towards an integration of statistics and operations management. This shift can be mainly attributed to technological developments, such as the Internet of Things, sensor technology, and social networks. With the aforementioned developments, all kind of data becomes highly available and may be exploited so as to lead to better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. The workshop will focus on the following practical application Data-Driven Operations Management areas: behavioral operations management, production, maintenance and inventory management, retail, health-care operations, road traffic and communication networks, logistics and revenue management. 
The aim of the workshop is to identify the relevant methodological needs within the interface of statistics and operations management and to bridge the corresponding scientific communities. Our focus will be on answering questions such as: 
-What are the new performance evaluation and decision problems that one obtains by the use of the extra data? 
-How can these problems be solved? 
-What is the value of the extra data? 
-Do we need new methodologies to study these problems, e.g., methods that combine statistics and operations research? 
-How do we interpret decisions based on statistical data, e.g., how do we deal with the risk involved and should there be a behavioral operations research/management?

De Groene Loper
5612AZ Eindhoven

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