Monday, July 8, 2019 - 9:15am to Friday, July 12, 2019 - 6:15pm

An international summer school and conference on perfectoid spaces will take place July 8–12, 2019 in Rennes. The first part of the week, until the Thursday morning, will feature courses by international specialists on perfectoid rings, adic spaces and perfectoid spaces. From Thursday afternoon until the end of the conference invited speakers will present their latest results in the field. Participants and lecturers are generally expected to be present the entire week, but they also have the possibility to attend only the research conference on Thursday and Friday.

Organization board: Lionel Fourquaux, Bernard Le Stum, Junyi Xie

Scientific board: Olivier Brinon, Matthew Morrow, Alberto Vezzan

Centre Henri Lebesgue
Université de Rennes 1
35042 Rennes

Schedule :

09h00-10h15 : O. Brinon, Perfectoid rings 1
10h30-10h45 : Coffee break
10h45-12h00 : A. Vezzani, Adic Spaces 1
12:30 : Lunch
14h00-15h15 : O. Brinon, Perfectoid rings 2
15:30-15h45 : Coffee break
15h45-17h00 : A. Vezzani, Adic Spaces 2

09h00-10h15 : A. Vezzani, Adic Spaces 3
10:30-10h45 : Coffee break
10h45-12h00 : O. Brinon, Perfectoid rings 3
12:30 : Lunch
14h00-15h15 : A. Vezzani, Adic Spaces 4
15:30-15h45 : Coffee break
15h45-17h00 : O. Brinon, Perfectoid rings 4

09h00-10h15 : M. Morrow, Perfectoid spaces 1
10:30-10h45 : Coffee break
10h45-12h00 : M. Morrow, Perfectoid spaces 2
14h00-18h00 : Visit of Saint-Malo

9h00-10h15 : M. Morrow, Perfectoid spaces 3
10:30-10h45 : Coffee break
10h45-12h00 : M. Morrow, Perfectoid spaces 4
12:30 : Lunch
14h00-15h00 : K. Cesnavicius, tba
15:15-15h45 : Coffee break
15h30-16h30 : A.-C. Le Bras, tba
16h45-17h45 : J. Ludwig, tbc

21h00-23h:00 : Conference Dinner

9h30-10h30 : J. Weinstein (TBA)
10:30 ; Coffee break
11h00-12h00: 11h00-12h00: A. Caraiani, tba
12:30 : Lunch
14h00-15h00 To come