Workshop in Pure and Applied Analysis (NPAA), Karlstad, Sweden

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 9:30am to 4:00pm

Dear all,


Here you have the program of the annual workshop of the Network in Pure and Applied Analysis (NPAA),, to take place on Thursday, April 19, in Karlstad, Sweden.  

Let me know in case you are interested top join.

Best wishes,

Adrian Muntean (Karlstad)





9h30 - 9h55h Get together/coffee at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 5th floor, building 21


(participants briefly introduce themselves)



9h55h Opening - Adrian Muntean (Karlstad univ.), 21E415A


10h-13h Scientific talks, 21E415A


a) Anders Holmbom (MidSweden University)- Two useful modes of convergence. Connections, differences and applications
b) Farid Bozorgnia (Örebro university)- Nonlinear eigenvalue problem; Numerics and shape optimization


Coffee break


c) Ida de Bonis (Benevento university, Italy) - Driven particle flux through a membrane: two-scale asymptotics of a diffusion equation with polynomial drift

d) Arthur Vromans (Eindhoven University of Technology, NL & Karlstad University) - Mixture theoretic model for chemical corrosion of sewer systems


Coffee break


e) Omar Richardson (Karlstad University) - Finite element approximation of a two-scale pressure model

f) Niclas Bernhoff (Karlstad University) - Half-space problems in kinetic theory


13h-14h Lunch 


14h-15h55 Strategic discussions, action plans (research, education, funding), to-do-lists (next joint activities), 21E415A


15h55 Closing - Mårten Gulliksson (Örebro univ.)



Karlstad University
Universitetsgatan 2
65188 Karlstad