Doctoral school "Doc-Course in Geometric Analyisis"

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 (All day) to Thursday, December 5, 2019 (All day)

This doctoral school is a 10-week post-graduate intensive school aims at developing research skills and subject expertise. The program consists of four specific courses about different aspects of geometric analysis, an international conference, as well as research project under the supervision and guidance of an assigned academic tutor.

It will be developed at three venues: the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Granada (IEMath-GR), the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville (IMUS) and the University of Cádiz (UCA).

We offer grants covering the accommodation, food allowance as well as the travel between de three venues (please notice that travels from/to your home institution are not covered by the organization). Applicants should hold a master degree in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or any other degree with a solid mathematical background, and selection will be made on the basis of their curricula. The deadline for grant application is May 10, 2019.

IMUS (Sevilla) & IEMath-GR (Granada) & University of Cádiz
Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Sevilla - IMUS. Edificio Celestino Mutis, Primera planta, Campus de Reina Mercedes
41012 Sevilla Andalucía

The doctoral school will consists on

I. Introductory Courses (12 hours each):
- The isoperimetric problem
- Constant mean curvature surfaces
- Minimal surfaces
- Other geometric PDEs.
These courses will take place at IMUS (October 1-11) and IEMath-GR (October 14-25).

II. The International Conference "Geometric Analysis at UCA" will take place at the University of Cádiz (October 28-31). Senior and junior speakers will show some of the most up-to-date results in different topics related to Geometric Analysis. Besides PhD students taking part in the program, the conference will be open to researchers willing to participate.

III. A short Research Program supervised by experts at IEMath-GR, IMUS or UCA (November 4-December 5), in which participants will delve into some research topics of their interest, and will present their results in a small workshop at the end of this period.

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