B. Top-up grant for Women

The EMS pays particular attention to the promotion of women in mathematics. The EMS is aware of the particular difficulties faced by women making a career in mathematics, which is reflected in the small percentage of females among PhD students, lecturers and researchers. This problem is especially acute in Africa.

To encourage women in pursuing an active research career within mathematics and give them visibility, recognition and support, the CDC offers female applicants the opportunity of applying for a small amount as top-up to the EMS-Simons collaborative research visit grants.

The maximum additional amount that may be requested is USD 150/month.

Application procedures

The application is considered in when presented in connection with the main applications for visiting grants:

  1. Collaborative research visits: Continuation in research

  2. Collaborative research visits: PhD development

The Applicant should provide the following information:

Upload one file in pdf (maximum 1 page) to be considered as annex to main application for grants of the type above, detailing the circumstances for which this top-up aid is requested (e.g. to support family expenses, childcare, other special living conditions, etc.).
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.


Evaluation of the applications

The evaluation will be carried through together with the main grant application and response will be jointly provided.


Contact: ems.simonsafrica@gmail.com

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