4 Postdoctoral Fellowships: Harmonic Analysis & PDEs, CFD & Cloud HPC, Mathematical Modelling in Biosciences and Fluid Mechanics

BCAM offers four postdoctoral positions in the following research areas:
• Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: Postdoctoral position in the ERC Advanced grant “HADE - Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: New Challenges”. This project seeks to propose new challenges and develop original analytical tools that, if carried out, would entail significant progress on three different aspects of some fundamental Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics:
o Vortex Filament Equation (VFE)
o Relativistic and Non-relativistic Critical Electromagnetic Hamiltonians
o Uncertainty Principles and Applications
• CFD Computational Technology: Cloud HPC: Postdoctoral position in the project MSO4SC (Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Societal Challenges with Scientific Computing). The role of our team will be interfacing our FEniCS-HPC framework and supercomputer applications in turbulent flow to the HPC cloud infrastructure developed together in the project consortium.
• Mathematical Modelling in Biosciences: The objective of the group is building bridges between mathematics and other Life Science disciplines. In particular, we are interested in both applications and methodology, in order to devise reliable predictive tools for biomedical applications, disease ecology, and conservation biology. This postdoctoral position deals with patient-specific numerical simulation, computational inverse problems and/or uncertainty quantification for biomedical applications. The research activity will be conducted in collaboration with hospitals.
• Fluid Mechanics: In the framework of the Applied Analysis research line whose research is concerned with the analytical study of physically motivated systems of partial differential equations, the postdoctoral position will deal with Mathematical Fluid Mechanics and Applied Analysis.
The conditions of the offer are the following:
• 2 year contract
• 100% dedication
• The gross annual salary of the Fellowships will be 28.000 - 30.000€. There is a moving allowance for those researchers that come from a research institution outside the Basque Country from EUR 1.000 to EUR 2.000 gross. Free access to the Public Health System in Spain is provided to all employees.
• New Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to join BCAM by the beginning of 2017.
General requirements:
• Promising young researchers.
• Applicants must have their PhD completed before the end of 2016.
• Ability to effectively communicate and present research ideas to researchers with different background.
• Ability to clearly present and publish research outcomes in spoken (talks) and written (papers) form.
• Good command of spoken and written English.
For specific requirements per position and to proceed with your application please click on the ''Apply through website'' button.

BCAM is a world-class research center on Applied Mathematics with a focus on interdisciplinary research in the frontiers of mathematics, attraction and training of talented scientists, development of new numerical and simulation methods, interaction with industry, and promotion of scientific and technological advances worldwide.
Located in the Basque Country, it benefits from a long industrial tradition, and it is linked with the French Atlantic corridor, a region of excellence in Applied Mathematics. This context contributes to the task of building an excellence research center. BCAM counts with around 60 researchers from over 20 different countries with experience in some of the most prestigious research centers on their area, organized in 5 research areas and an administrative support team composed by 7 people.

BCAM is a young research center that is facing its consolidation phase. In this sense, the scientific strategy of the center is based on three Scientific Platforms that have been set up in order to establish an interdisciplinary system capable of facing the challenges of Mathematical Science in a broad manner by bringing together Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences:
* Core in Applied Mathematics: PDE, Numerical Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Algebraic Geometry, Probability and Statistics.
* Computational Mathematics: Modeling and computer simulations using numerical, stochastic and Monte Carlo methods.
* Applications of Mathematics to Industry, Social Sciences and Health Sciences.
Regarding human resources management, BCAM core values rely on people as its main asset, so, the continuous evolution of the HR strategy is key for the success of BCAM in order to adapt to the needs of the people, so BCAM decided to launch the HR Excellence in Research process (as the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment) to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the actions that BCAM should undertake to provide an attractive and supportive environment to researchers. BCAM was awarded with the HR Excellence in Research in May 2016.


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